Gabriella Vici

Gabriella Vici (b. 1995) is from Sydney, Australia. She has had the privilege of composing for some of Australia’s leading chamber ensembles through collaborations with Musica Viva Australia, including Arcadia Winds and the Orava Quartet.

She has also composed a variety of other works for ensembles such as the Eucalypt Trio, the NSW Youth Orchestra, Sydney Conservatorium of Music Saxophone Orchestra, and a number of local soloists. She enjoys experimenting with intricate layering and polyphony through larger works and also finds particular fulfilment in composing solo pieces for her own instruments, violin and piano. This Piano Sonata, composed for the esteemed Michael Kieran Harvey, marks her first major work for the instrument.

Gabriella completed her both Bachelor of Music (Honours, 2018) and Master of Music in composition (2020), at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, under the tutelage of renowned Australian composers, Gerard Brophy and Carl Vine AO. Alongside her work as a composer, Gabriella has since shifted her academic interests towards music theory: having completed an M.A. at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) in 2023, she is currently undertaking a Ph.D. at the University of Toronto, with a research focus on early twentieth-century music and the tensions that often lie between past and present compositional practices in this repertoire. She looks forward to exploring how her analytical studies can continue to inform her own music, which also strives to engage with techniques of past traditions reimagined for the twenty-first century.

Compositions by Gabriella Vici appear on


This CD brings together collaborations between Japanese violinist Miwako Abe (Pollard, Okamoto), Melbourne cellist Alister Barker (Pertout) and MKH, with solos especially written for him by Gabriella Vici and Andrian Pertout. The title Shichiseki is from the duo violin and piano work by Japanese composer Kanako Okamoto and is the Japanese Star Festival held on 7th July, coincidentally MKH’s birthday.