Peter Carroll-Held

Established as a leading Australian authority on electronic valve (tube) musical instruments and early electric/electronic music synthesis, Peter consults widely on the repair and restoration of such devices. He continues to perform as an organist - albeit now for tamer audiences than in his youth.

Peter Carroll-Held began his formal musical education in 1945 at the age of eight as a student of Patricia Read in Dublin, Ireland. Later he studied with the famous theatre organist of the 1930s, Tommy Dando, while performing at Dublin's Theatre Royal. While a science student in Dublin, Peter also performed for a wide variety of dances, shows, and bands, touring much of the UK and Ireland.

Bored and frustrated by circumstances in Ireland and the UK, he left to join a circus in South Africa. Between touring around southern Africa and dealing with "pet" crocodiles being placed on the organ keyboard by larrikin clientele, Peter did complete a South African National Technical Certificate Grade III in Radio, Electronics, Physics and Mathematics in 1967. Additionally, he performed at least 30 light organ music broadcasts for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Moving to Sydney in 1968, Peter continued performing light entertainment organ music for a range of clubs and bands. In 1975 he earned a trade certificate in Electronics from Sydney Technical College.

Peter Carroll-Held is featured on the following titles

Sketches of a Better Time

Extraordinarily popular with children, especially to accompany activities such as rollerblading and skateboarding, these light musical classics are performed live by former circus musician and well known Sydney organist Peter Carroll-Held.