Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra

The Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra is among the most important, and most long-established, of Czech orchestras. Our recording of John Allan's compositions was conducted by David Kram employing, not the full orchestra, but members of the orchestra.

Its creative dramaturgy and ever improving artistic level has helped it win a significant role in the country’s concert life. It is also warmly welcomed at concert halls beyond the Czech Republic. Its tradition dates back to 1926 and is linked to the creation of the station Radiojournal. Rich recording activities of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra are noteworthy. It has been recorded at leading domestic institutions and has seen releases on pre-eminent labels (Supraphon, Radioservis, Pony Canyon, Clarton, etc.). Recordings of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra have reached listeners throughout Europe and further afield via the EBU’s international musical exchanges.

Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra is featured on the following titles

Mirabile in Prague

Australian composer John Allan has orchestrated a collection of his own original compositions. This CD also includes his orchestrations of piano pieces by Debussy and Brahms. David Kram conducts members of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra.