Colin Offord

Colin Offord is a musician, composer, visual artist, inventor of sound sculptures, teacher and the artistic director of the Great Bowing Company.

Colin Offord is a singer, musician, instrument inventor, visual artist, traveller and collaborator.

Through his extensive travels, sound explorations and collaborations he has developed an international art form with a distinctly Australasian character. A synthesis of music, visual art and performance that embraces western experimentalism, folk music, free jazz, East Asian, Aboriginal and Pacific cultural influences. His activities include concerts, environmental and video projection performances, cross cultural collaborations, the making of original instruments and sound sculpture, scores for theatre, film, dance, new media, animation and circus, exhibitions and installations, corporate and special events, community projects, lectures and workshops. For over 40 years Colin has performed in music festivals, art centres, concert halls, great cities and remote villages throughout Australia and the world.

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Colin Offord is featured on the following titles

Pacific Sound

Pacific Sound features the exotic sounds of original instruments designed and created by Colin Offord.

Performer: Original sculptures and instruments