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Satellite Mapping

Amir Farid performs the complete piano pieces of Stuart Greenbaum composed between 1989 and 2014.

This 2 CD release features over two hours of Greenbaum’s output for solo piano spanning a quarter of a century (1989–2014). This comprehensive achievement presents the works chronologically, recorded by a single artist on the same piano in the same room – a unique undertaking. Farid’s reading of the music is masterful, the performances beautiful, profound.

Greenbaum says: “the pure feel and sound of the piano is like a second language to me. Some of the music is occasional (written for births, deaths, weddings and birthdays); some works were written in response to works of art or established repertoire (communing with the canon of Western Art Music); others were deliberately blank canvasses inviting more abstract development of musical language. Throughout this, the influence of minimalism, contemporary jazz, blues and rock can be found interwoven with the chromatic, tonal language of the classical repertoire. The piano is not only a beautiful instrument; for me it has been an important tool for musical thinking and for the development of my compositional language.

“I often conceive of music in terms of journeys, but I also believe that music should be appreciable as pure, abstract sound in time. Either way, my music aims to evoke an atmosphere apart from the routine of modern life. I believe in the need to cultivate space in a world increasingly filled with commercialism, light and noise pollution and 24/7 thinking. At times, I think we lose a sense of wonderment at our earthly surrounds. Therefore, when I write, I seek an experience in sound to take me beyond mundane imperatives.”

You can see videos of two tracks on YouTube. Here's one of them:


Amir Farid

Pianist Amir Farid has been described as "a highly creative musician - a pianist of great intelligence and integrity. He brings strong musical substance to all that he does, imbuing it with his own particular experience and understanding", and who "in a well populated field...distinguishes himself for all the right reasons".

Audio previews

Track Listing

  1. Portrait and Blues Hymn Stuart Greenbaum 1:51
  2. Ice Man Stuart Greenbaum

  3. Lost (The Moon) Don't leave me hear 9:17
  4. Picture of an anorexic / Dignity / The dream 12:17
  5. They must have seen me / Faint voices / Affinity 9:57
  6. Innocence (in Stillness) Stuart Greenbaum 1:56
  7. Looking to the Future Stuart Greenbaum 1:34
  8. But I want the Harmonica Stuart Greenbaum 8:39
  9. New Roads, Old Destinations Stuart Greenbaum 6:55
  10. First Light Stuart Greenbaum 6:25
  11. Fragments of Gratification Stuart Greenbaum 2:50

Disc 2

  1. Equator Loops Stuart Greenbaum 7:00
  2. Three Optical Allusions Stuart Greenbaum

  3. Solar eclipse 2:33
  4. Time-lapse photograph 3:12
  5. Mobiles strip 1:08
  6. Four Thoughts Stuart Greenbaum

  7. The end of winter 3:05
  8. For Oliver 1:43
  9. Spirals 2:27
  10. Bagatelle for Aksel 2:30
  11. Matilda Deconstructions Stuart Greenbaum

  12. Energised, elated 1:54
  13. Freely 2:49
  14. The 4th Saturday in April Stuart Greenbaum 2:20
  15. Evocation Stuart Greenbaum 9:13
  16. Lavender for Hanna Stuart Greenbaum 2:14
  17. Allusion, Introspection and Ascension Stuart Greenbaum

  18. Barcarole allusion 2:05
  19. Schubert: 1828, an introspection 5:18
  20. The Petrarch Ascension 5:53
  21. Satellite Mapping Stuart Greenbaum 4:32
  22. Fanfare for Elizabeth Stuart Greenbaum 2:06
  23. Homage (1989) (Bonus track) Stuart Greenbaum 3:01



Stuart Greenbaum

The Stuart Greenbaum sound has overt connections to jazz, pop and minimalism but is equally grounded in the Western art music tradition.

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Release date
March 2016
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