World Music

The Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra plays a selection of music from around the world, including Latin American, Klezmer, Slavic folk dances and blues all performed by this highly accomplished group.

This collection of mandolin compo­sitions from around the world adds to the repertoire of what is identified as world music. "World music" is a label applied to cultural styles of music that don't fit the classical, folk or pop music genres. Perhaps the increasing interest in "local" music is a reflection of the global rhythm of late twentieth century western society. Nearly all of the pieces in this recording are contemporary compositions, although the influences from traditional folk music are readily apparent.

Mandolin music has experienced a number of cycles of popularity in its history since the Baroque period. The Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra represents the modern interest in reviving traditional instruments within a contemporary context.

Mandolins with their delicate and light sound are ideally suited for chamber music. An extraordinary texture of sound is possible when mandolins are joined by other instruments such as the wind and percussion instruments used in the 'Klezmer Suite' and 'Three South Ameri­can Pieces'.

“World Music” also includes renditions of Latin American, Klezmer, Slavic folk dances, and blues by this highly accomplished group.


Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra

The Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra was formed in 1967 by Peter Evans and Josef Ruecker. Their aim was ‘to develop and maintain a mandolin orchestra in Melbourne’. As well as performing regularly, the group organises summer schools, trips from overseas groups, trains new players, holds musical workshops & master classes, and commissions music.

Audio previews

Track Listing

    Three South American Pieces - Martin Kugler

  1. Tango Infernal
  2. Lettre D'Adieux
  3. Samba SudAmerica
  4. Polushco-Pole - L. Kipper
  5. Klezmer Suite - Elke Tober-Vogt
  6. Sonata No. 3 for Clarinet - Gustav Gunsenheimer

  7. Bagatelle
  8. Blues
  9. Capriccio
  10. Fantasy - A. Holminov
  11. Invierno Porteño - Astor Piazzolla
  12. Yugoslavia - Ralph Pausen

  13. Allegro
  14. Adagio
  15. Allegro
  16. Allegro Moderato
  17. Ruma für Zupforchester - Dieter Kreidler


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