Studio recordings in a natural acoustic

Studio services include...

  • Rehearsals
  • Sound Recording
  • Video Recording
  • Editing
  • Mixing & Mastering

We can also do...

Tucked deep within a leafy suburb of Melbourne, the Move Records Studio is a hidden gem where some of the most beautiful classical music in Australia is captured.

We can record soloists, small acoustic instrumental ensembles, and vocal groups in this spacious natural acoustic. Many of our own recordings take place here, as it was purpose-built to deliver the luscious natural acoustic keenly sought by many artists. It has a reverberation time that can vary between one and two seconds, making it perfect for any small groups or solo performer.

The main room features the superb Yamaha C7 grand piano, hand-picked by pianist and composer Tony Gould and described by the Australia Council's Music Forum as “a gorgeous instrument … a warmth of timbre which is sometimes not available in studio instruments”.

Studio manager Martin Wright has over thirty years experience in the recording industry and is recognised Australia-wide for the quality of his work. He is supported by studio engineer Vaughan McAlley, an experienced performer and composer in his own right.

Studio recordings are performed directly onto a state-of-the-art 32-track Pro Tools HD 24-bit 192kHz system, and with microphones selected from our arsenal (see below for a partial list).


Our equipment includes the following small diaphragm microphones — many renowned for their ruler-flat frequency response:

Plus the following large diaphragm condenser microphones:

Only state-of-the-art recording equipment is used throughout our entire process. Studio recordings, as well as mixing and mastering, is performed on a 32-track Avid Pro Tools HD 24-bit 192kHz system. It includes a full complement of quality plug-ins including a complete set of best-in-class Waves plug-ins (reverbs, EQ, compression, noise reduction, imaging, effects).

Mastering can be done in-house using a variety of Digidesign/Avid platforms, depending on the application. For CD mastering, we use a variety of software programs (including WaveBurner and Toast) that permit maximum flexibility in fine-tuning master CDs.

Beyond the recording

We have expertise across the entire process of music publishing; after all, we've produced hundreds of titles on our own label.

We can assist with — or take care of — any parts of the process from recording, editing and mastering to design, manufacture and packaging. Whether your needs are simple, or you want the most polished result possible, we can help. Contact us for more information.