Cassette tape

Record/tape transfers

Record to CD / LP to CD / tape to CD

Do you have an old record you can't buy on CD? An old cassette, minidisc, 78 or perhaps a tape of a family event?

We can transfer these to compact disc or digital files. Cost depends on the length of the material, whether you want the CD to (for instance) have separate tracks to match the LP and so on. LP transfers are done with a high quality turntable and cartridge which produces a result with no audible inner-groove distortion. Great care is taken to ensure a technically excellent reproduction of the original material, even correcting for off-centre pressings if necessary.

We can remove clicks and pops, tape hiss and generally improve the sound of most originals.

A transfer of one LP record, with standard noise reduction and CD tracking is $30 per record. For singles, we charge $5 per song. There is a minimum of $20 per job.

We can give you a price estimate for working on badly damaged recordings.

Video (VHS, Video 8, Hi8, DV tape) transfers to DVD

The cost of transferring a single tape (up to 2 hours length) to DVD is just $25. Additional copies of the same program are $5. If any editing is required (to cut out unwanted sections of a tape), please ask for a price estimate.