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Women He's Undressed

There's much variety in Cezary Skubiszewski's music for the soundtrack to the documentary about the life of Australian costume designer and three-time Oscar winner Orry-Kelly. It covers a wide range of popular 20th century musical styles – and there's never a dull moment.

Composer Cezary Skubiszewski writes: "It was a truly enjoyable but also a quite challenging experience to be working with the great film director Gillian Armstrong on such an exciting project as 'Women He's Undressed'.

"The score to the film is a combination of orchestral, choral and 20s and 30s jazz-influenced music and also extensions to existing music used from archival film clips. The orchestral parts were recorded with a small ensemble combining strings and woodwind instruments. The vocal parts were recorded with a solo voice as well as a 12 piece vocal group.

"The extensions needed to capture the sound of the archival music but also be independent compositions. These tracks needed a special mixing process so they would blend well with the sound on the archival film clips.

"To record jazz tracks I assembled a group of fantastic jazz musicians from Melbourne and asked them to play with full energy, reflecting the spirit of 'swinging New York' in the 20s. As the film moves through the life of Orry-Kelly, so does the music. It reflects the changes in time and fashion.

"Towards the end of the film there is a more reflective, contemporary sound, but the final music cue brings back an extended version of the main theme – orchestral, choral and quirky cha cha."


Cezary Skubiszewski

Polish-born Cezary Skubiszewski is one of Australia's leading film composers, with award-winning hits such as La Spagnola, Bootmen and Two Hands to his credit. He is the recipient of numerous awards from the AFI, APRA and the Australian Guild of Screen Composers.

Press quote

“I go to a late screening of Gillian Armstrong's documentary about legendary costume designer Orry-Kelly titled Women He's Undressed. It's hugely enjoyable, featuring great footage from the golden years of Hollywood. I appreciate the enormous amount of music composed for it by Cezary Skubiszewski. His score is vibrant and beautifully executed – he nails it again.”

— Amanda Brown, Music Industry Inside Out

Audio previews

Track Listing

  1. A big life Cezary Skubiszewski
  2. Sydney, here I come Cezary Skubiszewski
  3. Drop the spangle Cezary Skubiszewski
  4. Another planet Cezary Skubiszewski
  5. Two peas in a pod Cezary Skubiszewski
  6. Have faith Cezary Skubiszewski
  7. I'm the guy Cezary Skubiszewski
  8. 300 films Cezary Skubiszewski
  9. Lifelong girlfriend Cezary Skubiszewski
  10. Cocktail society Cezary Skubiszewski
  11. Street of disappointments Cezary Skubiszewski
  12. Quality Cezary Skubiszewski
  13. The expensive car Cezary Skubiszewski
  14. Green stockings Cezary Skubiszewski
  15. Hollywood and Vine Cezary Skubiszewski
  16. The greats Cezary Skubiszewski
  17. A big life – part 2 Cezary Skubiszewski
  18. Little Orry Cezary Skubiszewski
  19. Women he's undressed Cezary Skubiszewski


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