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Brahms Cello

Zoe Knighton and Amir Farid present their seventh cello-piano collaboration — this time from the composer Johannes Brahms. The program includes his sonatas for cello as well as three songs where the cello presents the vocal line wordlessly.

It's uncanny how certain composers can "fit" certain performers as comfortably as a well worn pair of slippers and that's exactly how Zoe felt when she heard Amir playing Brahms a number of years ago.

Having explored a vast amount of repertoire together over the course of nearly 15 years, it was inevitable they turn their attention to the two sonatas for piano and cello by Johannes Brahms. Played on a modern Australian cello made in Castlemaine by celebrated maker, Rainer Beilharz, the three songs (originally sung in German) find an unexpectedly natural home and act as enticing entrées to these seminal works.

There is a famous photo of Brahms with his friends. Brahms is seated and behind him is the cellist, Hausmann. Hausmann (who was the cellist in Joachim’s quartet) has his arms over Brahms, pretending to play him like a cello. Quite literally playing Brahms! Hausmann was responsible for reviving the first sonata and it was he who implored Brahms to write its successor. Hausmann and Joachim were the inaugural players in Brahms’ double concerto.

The second sonata is best summed up by Elisabet von Herzogenberg who received a manuscript from Brahms. She wrote: “I'd like to hear you yourself play the Scherzo, with its driving power and energy (I can hear you constantly snorting and grunting in it!) No one else would succeed in playing it as I imagine it: agitated without rushing, legato and yet inwardly restless and propulsive. Needless to say, we revelled in the beautiful warm sounds of the Adagio, and especially at the magnificent moment when we find ourselves again in F-sharp major, which sounds so marvellous. I really do want to point this moment out to you, because it brings a tear to my eye whenever I hear it. It has such nostalgia and love.”


Amir Farid

Pianist Amir Farid has been described as "a highly creative musician - a pianist of great intelligence and integrity. He brings strong musical substance to all that he does, imbuing it with his own particular experience and understanding", and who "in a well populated field...distinguishes himself for all the right reasons".

Zoe Knighton

Zoe is at the fore of a new generation of performer intent on forging an innovative path for the enjoyment of 'classical' music. She is a founding member of Flinders Quartet

Track Listing

    Cello Sonata No. 1 in E minor, Op. 38 Johannes Brahms

  1. i. Allegro non troppo
  2. ii. Allegretto quasi menuetto
  3. iii. Allegro
  4. Sonata No. 2 in F, Op. 99 Johannes Brahms

  5. i. Allegro vivace
  6. ii. Adagio affettuoso
  7. iii. Allegro passionato
  8. iv. Allegro molto
  9. Von ewiger Liebe Op. 43, No. 1 Johannes Brahms
  10. Meine Liebe ist grün Op. 63, No. 5 Johannes Brahms
  11. Die Mainacht Op. 43, No. 2 Johannes Brahms



Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms (1833–1897) was a German composer and pianist, and one of the leading musicians of the Romantic period. In his lifetime, Brahms' popularity and influence were considerable; he is sometimes grouped with Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven as one of the Three Bs.

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