George Butrumlis

George Butrumlis is a piano accordion virtuoso who is a regular guest artist with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. He has played with everyone from the Black Sorrows to the Three Tenors.

George Butrumlis is arguably Australia's finest piano accordionist, proficient in all of the many styles performed on this versatile instrument. He has played with a vast array of groups and artists including The Black Sorrows, Zydeco Jump, Caroline O'Connor and The Three Tenors. He is a regular guest artist with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and was soloist in Piazzola's 'Tango Sensations' with the Danceworks company. Along with David Osborne, George was a foundation member of the Raga Dolls.

Performing as Raga Dolls

Based in Melbourne, Raga Dolls play an unusual yet surprising coherent blend of styles all coming together loosely under the heading of 'Salon Music'.

Wordless Meanings

In the beginning, there was harmony - before anyone thought to ask the question "What sort of music do you play?" ... before everyone became too busy to stop and listen anyway ... before music became 'the music industry' ... harmony was lost in a cacophony of meaningless words.

Performer: Piano Accordion