Gongworks Gamelan

Gongworks was set up in 1997 by Mark Pollard to create new work through the fusing of cross cultural and cross media materials. Sound, theatre and ritual are essential elements in a Gongworks performance.

Gongworks Gamelan is featured on the following titles

A Handful of Rain

Inspired by the Gamelan and Japanese Shinto music, the recent ambient work of Mark Clement Pollard is unique in its pursuit of beauty and simplicity. A Handful of Rain is the first comprehensive collection of this acclaimed Australian composer's popular style.

Performer: Gamelan

Gongworks Gamelan also appears on

Ambient Voice

Ambient Voice features Dean Frenkel's haunting harmonic vocals strategically placed over and within the music of outstanding Australian composers, including Mark Clement Pollard, George Dreyfus, Andrew MacGregor and the group Invention in Time.

Performer: Gamelan

Members of Gongworks Gamelan

Mark Pollard

Australian composer Mark Clement Pollard has an eclectic compositional style utilising such diverse materials as, improvisation, jazz, pop and the indigenous music’s of South East Asia.