James Sherlock

James Sherlock is a well-known jazz guitarist with a classical background. He was the winner of the 1997 'Ike Isaacs' International Guitar Award.

James began playing classical guitar at age 7. He attended the QLD Conservatorium of Music, studying classical and jazz guitar, graduating in 1992. He was the winner of the Ike Isaacs International Jazz Guitar Award (1997) and teaches contemporary guitar at Blackburn High, Melbourne.

James has worked with a variety of bands and soloists,
including Barney McAll, Joe Chindamo, Ian Chaplin, Allan Browne, Paul Williamson, Doug DeVries, Malcolm McNeil, Dirty but Happy, Ian Date, Karl Hird, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Peter Knight, Mark Fitzgibbon, Michelle Nicolle, Dubble Dub, Decoy and Los Cabrones.

As well as playing or recording with such diverse artists as British guitar virtuoso Martin Taylor, Joe Camilleri, The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and New York film composer Howard Shore.

Performing as Raga Dolls

Based in Melbourne, Raga Dolls play an unusual yet surprising coherent blend of styles all coming together loosely under the heading of 'Salon Music'.

Wordless Meanings

In the beginning, there was harmony - before anyone thought to ask the question "What sort of music do you play?" ... before everyone became too busy to stop and listen anyway ... before music became 'the music industry' ... harmony was lost in a cacophony of meaningless words.

Performer: Nylon String Guitar