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John Sangster, an Australian composer and artist, created an ethereal and haunting musical masterpiece with his album Meditation, originally released on vinyl in 1980. This stunning record features captivating themes played on flute, wind-chime, and marimbas, creating a serene and otherworldly atmosphere.

The album's unique percussion instruments add a dreamlike quality to the music that is both relaxing and transportive. Sangster's masterful compositions draw the listener in, creating a meditative and introspective experience that is both enchanting and soothing.

Whether you are a longtime fan of John Sangster or a newcomer to his work, Meditation is a must-listen album for any lover of ambient, new-age, or world music. Its timeless quality and evocative soundscape make it a true gem in the realm of experimental and atmospheric music. So sit back, relax, and let the ethereal music of John Sangster's Meditation carry you away on a journey of musical bliss.


John Sangster

John Sangster was one of the most talented Australian jazz musicians of all time, a technician and creator who embraced and understood more styles of music than any other.

Press quote

“Sangster has composed themes for flutes by Mal Cunningham, who improvises on overdubbed tracks, against the chimes, vibes and marimbas of Sangster and Bloxom. Haunting and ethereal, the sounds encourage a trance-like state, borne out by Cunningham's credentials as a teacher of Yoga and meditation.”

— Mike Daly, The Age, Melbourne

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  1. Flutes and wind chimes John Sangster
  2. Flutes and wind chimes (slow) John Sangster
  3. Windchimes John Sangster


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