Beautiful lullabies and cradle songs by Australian composers from 1890-1999. Featuring soprano Linda Thompson (Australian Opera and VSO Young Artist) and pianist Deviani Segal, this delightful collection features world premiere recordings of Australian lullabies and cradle songs.

Beautiful lullabies and cradle songs by Australian composers from 1890-1999. Featuring soprano Linda Thompson (Australian Opera and VSO Young Artist) and pianist Deviani Segal, this delightful collection features world premiere recordings of Australian lullabies and cradle songs.

Based on the artists' own painstaking manuscript research, this CD juxtaposes rarely heard historical works by Elsa Marshall-Hall, Florence Ewart, Dulcie Holland with the more recent efforts of Linda Kouvaras and Stuart Greenbaum.


Deviani Segal

Melbourne-based pianist and teacher, Deviani Segal has performed a wide range of music as both soloist and accompanist.

Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson won many prestigious competitions including the Herald Sun Aria in 1990, and subsequently studied in London, Germany, Italy and Holland. She was a member of the Young Artists Programs of both the Victoria State Opera and The Australian Opera and has performed many major roles.

Track Listing

Come sleep (Peggy Glanville-Hicks)
Lullaby for Jessica Alice (Colin Brumby)
Lullaby from 'Nelson' (Stuart Greenbaum)
Distant Lullaby (Linda Kouvaras)
Lullaby (Miriam Hyde)
Lullaby (John Tallis)
Cradle song (Phyllis Batchelor)
Lullaby from 'The Ugly Duckling' (Eric Gross)
Sleep, pretty babe (May Brahe)
Lullaby (Wendy Morrissey)
Little Babe of Arnhem Land (Mirrie Hill)
An Australian Lullaby (Edith Harrhy)
Bush Night Song (W.G. James)
An Australian Cradle Song (Florence Ewart)
Cradle Song (Linda Phillips)
Sweet and Low (May Brahe)
A Lullaby (Dulcie Holland)
Oriori (A Maori Slumber Song) (Alfred Hill)
Berceuse (Elsa Marshall-Hall)


Elsa Marshall-Hall

Elsa Marshall-Hall was born in Melbourne in 1891 to GWL Marshall-Hall and his first wife May Hunt. Her manuscripts are held in the Grainger Museum.

Phyllis Batchelor

Phyllis Batchelor was born in Healesville. At 17 she began playing for the ABC and by her 20s was one of the most frequently heard artists, often performing her own works. She was honoured with the OAM in 1993 in recognition of her service to the performing arts.

John Tallis

John Tallis studied in Paris with Marcel Dupre and Madame Bascouret in the late 20s and early 30s, and subsequently at the Royal College of Music in London.

Miriam Hyde

Miriam Hyde's style is lyrical and post-romantic. Her considerable output represents many genres and she is very well known for her piano music, particularly the numerous pieces written for students.

Stuart Greenbaum

TheĀ Stuart GreenbaumĀ sound has overt connections to jazz, pop and minimalism but is equally grounded in the Western art music tradition.

Colin Brumby

Colin Brumby was born in Melbourne studying in Spain and London. He helped lay the foundation of permanent opera in Queensland and has considerable diversity in his output, representing almost every form in the musical catalogue.

Peggy Glanville-Hicks

Peggy Glanville-Hicks was born in Melbourne, studying in London, Vienna and Paris. Her activities on behalf of contemporary music and musicians were extraordinary. She returned to Australia in the 1970s, and in her will established a fund and residency for young Australian musicians at her house in Paddington.

Linda Kouvaras

Linda Kouvaras is a pianist, composer and musicologist, with particular interests in contemporary music. She has recorded, commissioned, and premiered numerous contemporary Australian works for piano, performing extensively in city and regional centres.

Eric Gross

Australian composer Eric Gross' philosophy involves writing music that will firstly convince its performers before it can convince its audience.

Wendy Morrissey

Wendy Morrissey was involved in the musical life of various Victorian schools after gaining Bachelor of Music (Melb) in violin.

Alfred Hill

Alfred Hill spent most of his early life in New Zealand and made a significant contribution to the study of the indiginous musics of the Maoris and Australian Aborigines.

Dulcie Holland

Dulcie Holland is a prolific composer of many genres and has made a significant contribution to Australian music education through her theory textbooks.

May Brahe

May Brahe acheived remarkable success in that more than 290 of her 500 or so songs were published. She was the only Australian woman composer to win both local and international recognition before WW2.

Linda Phillips

Linda Phillips has concentrated on writing music for small forces with song-writing her main focus. Her commitment to music through journalism, adjudicating, teaching, performing and composing was recognised with the OBE in 1975.

Florence Ewart

Florence Ewart composed over 60 works in many genres including 5 operas. She saw to it that most of her smaller works were performed, although she received very little professional encouragement and found it more difficult to get performances of her larger works.

William Garnet James

Composer William Garnet James was the first federal director of the ABC (1931-1957) and it was during his tenure that orchestras were formed in each state.

Edith Harrhy

Edith Harrhy composed under a number of pseudonyms, and although renowned in her lifetime, was not recognised accordingly in historic records.

Mirrie Hill

Mirrie Hill composed in many genres, her favourite being orchestral music. Several works took their inspiration from Aboriginal themes and rhythms including Little Babe of Arnhem Land.

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