Franciscus Henri

Franciscus Henri toured with English poet Sydney Carter in 1972 which inspired the album Gabriel's Mother's Highway.

Franciscus Henricus Antheunis Jr. was born on 7 August 1947 in The Hague, The Netherlands. In 1956, his family migrated to Australia. Henri finished his education in Australia and became a qualified secondary arts and craft teacher. In October 1969, Henri performed at the 1st Annual Festival of Gospel Music with Faye Meadows, David Meadows, Leonie Hawthorn and 3-in-1 Gospel Jazz Trio.

In 1970 he gained national prominence when he competed as a folk musician on a TV talent quest, New Faces, which led to a recording contract with the Melbourne-based independent label Fable Records – label boss, Ron Tudor, was a judge on New Faces. In September 1970 Henri's debut single, "Mary and Me" was issued by Fable and he recorded further singles and an LP, Ding Dong Who Rang the Bell (1972). His second album, Gabriel's Mother's Highway (Move Records, 1972) is described as "a refreshing folk album ... a slightly religious but innocent era".

In 1972 Henri toured with English poet Sydney Carter, and in 1973 he left teaching to join the Monash University Theatre company as a set designer, actor and musician. He participated in the Alexander Theatre productions of Puckoon, Under Milkwood (both 1974), Laertes (1970s) and Giant John (1975). In 1976 he toured throughout Australia and New Zealand supporting the English-Irish comedian Spike Milligan. Henri formed a production company in that year, and began producing performances throughout Australia in conjunction with state arts councils.

His most recent work is Nothing Fixed or Final, the words and music of Sydney Carter, as performed by Henri. He has presented it throughout Victoria and in Boston US. In London UK. he performed in the Sydney Carter memorial concert (Oct 2007). He has so far received seven ARIA award nominations for his various recording work. Franciscus is also an exhibiting painter.

Franciscus Henri is featured on the following titles

Gabriel's Mother's Highway

Franciscus Henri presents songs from Sydney Carter, Elton John, Arlo Guthrie, and three originals. Produced by Brian Cadd, the style of the album is gentle folk-rock.

Performer: Vocal

Franciscus Henri also appears on

Sydney Carter In Concert

Poet and songwriter Sydney Carter visited Australia in 1972. He gave concerts and workshops all over the country, and this recording captures one of those events in full.


Words, Love, Music: Sydney Carter

A selection of songs and poems by Sydney Carter performed by a variety of singers including Sheila Hancock, Franciscus Henri and Nadia Cattouse, and featuring Sydney Carter himself.

Performer: Vocal