Linda Cable

London-born Linda Cable started her singing career in Australia singing the blues. Developing her own unique style, she is renowned in Australian jazz circles and has progressed into world class jazz singer. Her interpretation of up-tempo jazz or scintillating moody ballads is rare artistry indeed.

Linda has also made numerous television appearances.

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Linda Cable is featured on the following titles

Just For The Record

Renowned jazz singer Linda Cable performs a collection of scintillating moody ballads and up-tempo jazz songs.

Performer: Vocal


If you would enjoy a laid-back nightclub scene with a smoothed out jazz band, and a lady with an amazingly strong voice pouring down like silver, this album is for you. This classic LP from jazz great Linda Cable has now been re-reissued on CD.

Performer: Vocal

Just A Dreamer

Performer: Vocals

Performing as Tabula Rasa

Consisting of a core ensemble of voice and two guitars, Tabula Rasa—meaning "clean slate"—combines classical, Celtic and jazz with Spanish flamenco and amazing Brazilian rhythms.


Years in the making, the music on this debut album Prism blends thought-provoking lyrics with a strikingly original combination of classical, Celtic and jazz music with Spanish influences and Brazilian rhythms.

Performer: Vocals