Sonny Chua

Sonny Chua's music reveals an accumulation and assimilation of seemingly incongruous ideas, displying the use of a broad palette, with myriad influences from classical, pop, jazz, rock, folk to "techno" music.

Sonny began improvising soon after being introduced to the piano at the age of 8. Disovering how to compose independently, he explored freely in many musical directions. With insatiable curiosity, Chua has ventured into and experimented with the world of classical music (as soloist & accompanist), repetiteur (cabaret, musical theatre & opera), folk festivals (touring with a Celtic band), and Musical Director (the Walt Disney Company).

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Chua grew up, was educated and lives in Melbourne, Australia. He completed a Bachelor of Music degree, with specialist studies in Piano Performance (Honours) at the University of Melbourne in 1990.

Sonny Chua is featured on the following titles

Theme & Deviations

Performer: Piano, Composer

Sonny Chua performs a thrilling selection of his popular works, including the Sonatina, the subversively charming Assorted Fairies and Theme and 12 Deviations - a wickedly hilarious and dazzling set of 'variations-to-end-all-variations' on Chopsticks.

Performing as Team of Pianists

Acclaimed both for its high standards of artistry and professionalism, the Melbourne-based Team of Pianists has captivated audiences in Australia and overseas for nearly twenty years.


Performer, Composer

The Team of Pianists present a programme of excellent piano works for solo, duo and two pianos.