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Theme & Deviations

Sonny Chua performs a thrilling selection of his popular works, including the Sonatina, the subversively charming Assorted Fairies and Theme and 12 Deviations - a wickedly hilarious and dazzling set of 'variations-to-end-all-variations' on Chopsticks.

Chua's music is equally acclaimed by performers, teachers and students and is heard regularly in examinations, competitions and music festivals. His music communicates provocatively on several levels; stimulating the wit, humour and imagination in audiences of all ages.

Works on this album include a suite of 3 feisty rhapsodic dances, a Sonatina that was commissioned by the Victoria Music Teachers' Association (Australia) to commemorate its 70th year in 1998.


Sonny Chua

Sonny Chua's music reveals an accumulation and assimilation of seemingly incongruous ideas, displying the use of a broad palette, with myriad influences from classical, pop, jazz, rock, folk to "techno" music.

Press quotes

“Chua's work is an invigorating mix of styles ranging from the classic to modern jazz, each a refreshing musical experience.” ★★★★

— Chris Copas, The Star

“delightful recital”

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— Neville Chohn, OzArts Review

“dazzling, sometimes whimsical, sometimes wicked, often hilarious ... pretty much a must have”


“irreverently tongue-in-cheek ... The title work is a hoot.”

— Sophie Saxe-Lehrman, The West Australian

“most enjoyable ... students should be excited and encouraged in their piano studies by this album.”

— Amanda Watson, ASME Journal

“interesting in conception as well as highly entertaining”

— Bill Hoffmann, Canberra Times

“Refreshingly written in an accessible attractive and 'hip' language, this music inspires”

Australian Music Teacher Magazine

“skilfully crafted, conveying a myriad styles and the playing is crisp and clear with a lovely range of dynamics.”

— Barbara Hebden, Sunday Mail

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Track Listing

  1. Transylvanian Romp Sonny Chua
  2. Siesta Sonny Chua
  3. Jamaican Fumble Sonny Chua
  4. the beginning Sonny Chua
  5. the fruit Sonny Chua
  6. the rain Sonny Chua
  7. the lamb Sonny Chua
  8. the coat Sonny Chua
  9. Fortress March (marcia) Sonny Chua
  10. Astral Air (aria) Sonny Chua
  11. Dungeon Master (nocturne) Sonny Chua
  12. Midnight Snack (scherzo) Sonny Chua
  13. Death by Pasta (tarantella) Sonny Chua
  14. Around the World in 2 minutes... or less (bagatelle) Sonny Chua
  15. Nightwalker (nocturne) Sonny Chua
  16. Stop that! (theme and variations) Sonny Chua
  17. The Hunt (nocturne) Sonny Chua
  18. The Last Voyage (nocturne) Sonny Chua
  19. Calling (marcia) Sonny Chua
  20. Vision (dirge) Sonny Chua
  21. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum (jig) Sonny Chua
  22. Rodeo (rondo) Sonny Chua
  23. twinkling fairy Sonny Chua
  24. flapping fairy Sonny Chua
  25. dizzy fairy Sonny Chua
  26. cuckoo fairy Sonny Chua
  27. lonely fairy Sonny Chua
  28. dripping fairy Sonny Chua
  29. slimy fairy Sonny Chua
  30. funky fairy Sonny Chua
  31. morning fairy - not! Sonny Chua
  32. hysterical fairy Sonny Chua
  33. airy fairy Sonny Chua
  34. jiggling fairy Sonny Chua
  35. nagging fairy Sonny Chua
  36. fishy fairy Sonny Chua
  37. twirling fairy Sonny Chua
  38. Preludio - fanfare Sonny Chua
  39. Intermezzo - angel (for Amy) Sonny Chua
  40. Rondo - night dance Sonny Chua
  41. Theme & 12 Deviations Sonny Chua


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Theme & Deviations is available as as CD. It can be purchased online through Buywell Music or the Australian Music Centre which both offer secure online ordering.

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