William Garnet James

Composer William Garnet James was the first federal director of the ABC (1931-1957) and it was during his tenure that orchestras were formed in each state.

Born in Ballarat, William Garnet Jamesgave up a distinguished concert career to become one of the pioneers of music broadcasting in Australia.

Compositions by William Garnet James appear on

Christmas Bells

More carillon bells from the National Carillon in Canberra, Australia played by Joan Chia.


Mandolin Christmas

Christmas songs for mandolin orchestra. Arguably Australia's most acclaimed mandolinist, Kurt Jensen performs an international programme of sparkling and entertaining Christmas carols.


A Golden Christmas - for flute and harp

Elizabeth Koch and Suzanne Handel. A superb collection of popular Christmas carols and songs, arranged for the charming combination of flute and harp.


Great Bass Ballads

Alan Light was a foundation baritone of the Australian Opera in 1956, and was one of the country's best-known singers through the sixties and seventies.


The Sound of Rosny

The Australian Rosny Childrens Choir, with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra presents songs from other lands, Chinese songs, Australian songs, as well as cantatas from Vaughan Williams and Don Kay.


Christmas Variations

Celebrate the theme and the variations of Christmas with harpist Megan Reeve as she explores Christmas music from around the world and across the ages.



Beautiful lullabies and cradle songs by Australian composers from 1890-1999. Featuring soprano Linda Thompson (Australian Opera and VSO Young Artist) and pianist Deviani Segal, this delightful collection features world premiere recordings of Australian lullabies and cradle songs.