Zana Clarke

Performing as Cantigas

Cantigas recreate the music of the Middle Ages with authentic compositions which use techniques of mediaeval performance practice such as countermelodies, drones, rhythm parts and creative improvisation.

Courts in Colour

A collection of traditional melodies from the important courts of Spain, France, Egypt and Jerusalem in the Middle Ages.

Performer: Ganassi Recorder, Voice Flute, Rebec, Yayla-Tanbur

Silk and Spice

Early instrumental music inspired by the Silk Road. Cantigas takes us on a musical journey through mediƦval Europe, Asia and the Middle East, where the meeting of diverse cultures resulted in an interaction and exchange of musical ideas.


Performing as Nardoo

Peter Biffin and Zana Clarke are Nardoo. Peter is renowned for developing and creating his own instruments and Zana is one of Australia's leading recorder players.


'Nardoo' present a tapestry of original music from a melting pot of jazz, ethnic and medieval influences. This album of improvisations presents the duo of Zana Clarke and Peter Biffin performing new and traditional wind and string instruments.

Performer: Ganassi Recorder