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Australia's Billy Williams

Recorded between 1907 and 1914, these 23 songs present a fascinating historical overview of the career of one of Australia's first pop recording stars.

One of Australia's lost superstars and known to music hall patrons as 'The Man in the Velvet Suit', Billy Williams was arguably one of the most significant entertainers of his time. Move Records with the National Film and Sound Archive have drawn together 23 songs, originally recorded between 1907 and 1914.

Includes an informative 24 page illustrated booklet.


Billy Williams

It could be argued that in 1910 Billy Williams, was one of the most significant popular entertainers in the world. Dozens of his songs could be heard on disc and cylinder recordings wherever English was spoken.

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“This compact disc deserves a warm welcome. Perhaps it might serve to introduce Billy Williams to a new generation of collectors and if so it will no doubt have performed an extremely useful function. Buy it!”

— John Hanna,

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Track Listing

  1. John, John, Put Your Trousers On Billy Williams 3:23
  2. The Taximeter Car Harry Heath Will Hyde 2:44
  3. The Hobnailed Boots That Father Wore Billy Williams Robert Patrick Weston Fred James Barnes 2:44
  4. Tickle Me, Timothy! Robert Patrick Weston Fred James Barnes 2:12
  5. Put a bit of Powder on it, Father Fred Godfrey Harry Castling 2:54
  6. Little Willie's Woodbines Robert Patrick Weston Fred James Barnes 3:10
  7. I Must Go Home Tonight William Hargreaves 3:37
  8. Girls of To-day Harry Heath Will Hyde 2:17
  9. The Land Where the Women Wear Trousers Billy Williams Fred Godfrey Fred E. D'Albert 3:07
  10. I've Found Kelly Billy Williams William Hargreaves 2:31
  11. When Father Papered the Parlour Billy Williams Robert Patrick Weston Fred James Barnes 3:00
  12. St Kilda Billy Williams Robert Patrick Weston 2:55
  13. Let's Have a Song Upon the Gramophone Billy Williams Fred Godfrey 2:59
  14. Chanticler Theodore F. Morse 3:00
  15. I Never Heard Father Laugh So Much Before Billy Williams Fred Godfrey 2:51
  16. Take Me Where There Are No Eyes About Billy Williams Fred Godfrey 2:49
  17. She Does Like a Bit of Scotch Billy Williams Fred Godfrey 2:31
  18. Its a Grand Old Song Billy Williams Fred Godfrey 2:57
  19. The Kangaroo Hop Billy Williams Fred Godfrey 3:20
  20. Wait Till I'm as Old as Father Billy Williams Fred Godfrey 2:59
  21. The Ragtime Wedding Billy Williams Fred Godfrey 2:55
  22. There Must be Something Nice About the Isle of Man Billy Williams Fred Godfrey 2:47
  23. There's Life in the Old Dog Yet Billy Williams Fred Godfrey 3:22


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Australia's Billy Williams can be purchased online through Buywell Music or the Australian Music Centre which both offer secure online ordering.

This title can be ordered through fine music retailers across Australia including Readings and Fish Fine Music.

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