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La Prima Stravaganza

Sonatas of 17th century Italy performed by Capella Corelli. A glimpse into the rich world of instrumental music in seventeenth-century Italy from the experimental works of Cima, Castello, Montalbano, Fontana, Frescobaldi, Marini and Uccellini to Corelli.

During the 17th century instrumental music was moving away from its supporting role in church and vocal music and was establishing its independence as a musical genre. This change coincided with an increase in instrumentalists' skills, many of whom were also composers. A number of their works are featured on this CD and through them one can admire both the composer's musical imagination and skill as a performer.

This recording celebrate 21 years of Capella Corelli, one of Australia's foremost Baroque chamber ensembles. The violin works of the great Italian virtuoso Arcangelo Corelli and of his Italian predecessors were the initial inspiration for the group. For its first ten years the group was based in Canberra. Working with harpsichordist and philosopher Paul Thom, they quickly established a name for performances based on the rich repertoire and newly-researched performance practices of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

There have been many tours throughout Australia and New Zealand, especially with the support of Musica Viva Australia, and the group has been in demand for workshops and teaching. Since 1988, with the distinguished harpsichordist and scholar John O'Donnell, Capella Corelli has continued its touring more frequently in Europe particularly to Austria where the group's violinist Cynthia O'Brien now resides. La Prima Stravaganza was recorded just before their 1998 European tour in late July.


Capella Corelli

Capella Corelli, one of Australia's foremost baroque chamber ensembles, was formed 21 years ago. The violin works of the great Italian virtuoso Arcangelo Corelli and of his Italian predecessors were the initial inspiration for the group.

Press quotes

“The performances are lively and fresh, the sound quality excellent, and the end result very attractive.”

— Bradley Lonard, 24 Hours (ABC)

“... one of my favourite early music groups ... Excellent”

The New Englander

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Track Listing

    Sonata Op. 5: No.1 Arcangelo Corelli

  1. Grave: Allegro
  2. Allegro I
  3. Allegro II
  4. Adagio
  5. Allegro III
  6. Concerti Ecclessiastici Sonata per il violino Giovanni Paolo Cima
  7. Sinfonie ad uno e doi violino IV Sinfonia Bartolomeo Montalbano
  8. Sonate A 1, 2, 3 per il violino o cornetto Sonata terza Giovanni Battista Fontana
  9. Toccate, Libro primo Cento partite sopra passacagli Girolamo Frescobaldi
  10. Sonate Concertante in stile moderno, Libro secondo Sonata prima a soprano solo Dario Castello
  11. Sonate over Canzonida farsi à violino solo Sonata, Op. 5: No. 8 Marco Uccellini
  12. Sonata prima Giovanni Battista Fontana
  13. Sonata seconda Dario Castello
  14. Sonata quarta Giovanni Battista Fontana
  15. Sonate, symphonie, e rutornelli Sonata per il violino per sonar con due corde Biagio Marini
  16. Sonata, Op. 5: No. 12 "Follia" Arcangelo Corelli



Arcangelo Corelli

Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) was a great violinist and composer of music for the violin and other stringed instruments. His influence on violin playing was considerable, leading to the great Italian school of violinists, which included several of his pupils.

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