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Landscapes of Time

Contemporary Sound Art of Vietnam. Evocative images and haunting effects, creating a totally unforgettable listening experience. Explore new directions in contemporary sound art with a touch of Vietnamese colour - inspired by Vietnamese poems, ideas and spirituality.

Landscapes of Time presents a collection of works which explore new directions in contemporary sound art with a touch of Vietnamese musical colour. In these compositions, the colour of the Vietnamese tradition is explicit in the use of musical modes, traditional instruments and the strong emphasis on improvisation. At the same time, new boundaries of sounds are explored and exploded by the new playing techniques on traditional instruments, the new concepts of compositional structure and texture, and the adaptation of non-Vietnamese instruments (Balinese flute, Latin American rain stick), musical techniques (Tibetan and Mongolian harmonic singing) and new technologies. In addition, new performing techniques (such as throat voice singing without opening the mouth) are also developed. The ideas and feelings expressed in the compositions guided the composers' selection of sounds.


Le Tuan Hung

Le Tuan Hung is a composer, performer and author, specialising in Vietnamese music and experimental music of contemporary Australia. He is also the author of various publications on Vietnamese performing arts and is regarded as an international authority in Vietnamese musicology.

Dang Kim Hien

Dang Kim Hien is a composer and virtuoso performer in both traditional and contemporary music of Vietnam, she also taught at the Department of Traditional Music of the Conservatory of Music in Saigon for 14 years.

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“... the prize (is) 'Webs of Life' which wanders gently through many different sonic areas”

Experimental Musical Instruments

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Track Listing

  1. Calm Water Le Tuan Hung
  2. Longing for the Wind Le Tuan Hung
  3. Improvisation on Sa Mac Mode Le Tuan Hung Dang Kim Hien
  4. Inspiration on a South Vietnamese Folk Melody Dang Kim Hien
  5. Silent Tears Dang Kim Hien
  6. Webs of Life Le Tuan Hung Dang Kim Hien


  • Le Tuan Hung · dan tranh [vietnamese zither], suling [balinese flute], electronic crickets, voice, bells, mo [temple block], dan nguyet [vietnamese moon-lute], wind chimes, plastic wind roarer, ocarina
  • Dang Kim Hien · dan tranh [vietnamese zither], electronic crickets, voice, dan bau [vietnamese monochord], amplified throat voice, phach tre [bamboo block], dua tre [bamboo chopsticks]

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This recording project has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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Martin Wright
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© 1996 Le Tuan Hung
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