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Johannes Brahms: Sonata No. 3 in F minor, Op. 5

Prepare to be swept away by the soulful and powerful performance of the Johannes Brahms' Sonata No. 3 in F minor, Op. 5, as played by the incomparable Ronald Farren-Price. Farren-Price's mastery of the piano is evident in his interpretation of this masterpiece, showcasing the intricacies of Brahms' composition.

Brahms' Sonata No. 3 in F minor, Op. 5 is a towering achievement in the piano repertoire, and in the hands of Ronald Farren-Price, it becomes a sublime and moving experience. Farren-Price's interpretation of the work is a true testament to his artistry and passion, and his sensitive and nuanced playing brings out the full emotional depth of Brahms' music. This recording is a must-have for any lover of classical piano music, and a testament to the enduring power of Brahms' artistry.


Ronald Farren-Price

Ronald Farren-Price "... a sensitive artist and a virtuoso of top rank ... he demonstrated a perfect balance between the sound and the expression of the music ... definitely a pianist of great distinction."

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“... masterfully performed by Farren-Price. This is a rare opportunity to hear an incredible Australian pianist at work”

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Track Listing

    Sonata No. 3 in F minor, Op. 5 Johannes Brahms

  1. Allegro maestoso (F minor)
  2. Andante espressivo (A-flat major)
  3. Scherzo, Allegro energico (F minor), Trio (D-flat major)
  4. Intermezzo, Andante molto (B-flat minor)
  5. Finale, Allegro moderato ma rubato (F minor)



Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms (1833–1897) was a German composer and pianist, and one of the leading musicians of the Romantic period. In his lifetime, Brahms' popularity and influence were considerable; he is sometimes grouped with Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven as one of the Three Bs.

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