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Glass & Clay

Ros Bandt, internationally acclaimed sound artist, composer, performer and sound sculptor, explores the subtle, shimmering and sonorous sound qualities sculpted from glass and clay instruments. Includes Soft and Fragile, originally released on LP in 1983.

Since building the glass playable sound sculpture in 1978, the flagong, Ros Bandt has been exploring the subtle, shimmering and precarious sound qualities derived from glass. An invitation from the master ceramic artist Judy Lorraine, extended this interest to ceramics.

The materials glass and clay are brittle and vitreous, easily broken, but charming in their irregularities. Soft and Fragile are special limitations from both the playing and compositional points of view. An intimate relationship develops with exposed and vulnerable instruments, particularly as the act of hitting them with mallets ultimately precipitates their end.


Ros Bandt

Ros Bandt is a composer performer and sound artist who is passionate about combining ancient and modern sonic practices. Her sound research has included building a medieval Pythagorean recorder and she directs the Australian sound design project on line at the Australian centre, The University of Melbourne.

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“Shimmering and delicate ... The crystalline tones explore subtle rhythmic shifts, drawing in the listener through the sheer beauty of the sounds.”

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Track Listing

  1. Ocean Bells Ros Bandt 17:45
  2. Shifts Ros Bandt 8:36
  3. Annapurna Ros Bandt 9:39
  4. Alchemy Ros Bandt 11:08
  5. Gulf Song Ros Bandt 4:17
  6. Night on the Indian Ocean Ros Bandt 10:42


  • Ros Bandt · flagong, tape, gamelan and ceramic bells, sampler, mesopotamian bells, voice, environmental recordings
  • LIME · gamelan bells, vocal drone tape, flagong, temple bells · tracks 2 and 3

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Recorded at the Move Records Studio, Melbourne Australia.

(tracks 5 and 6)

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$25.00 AUD
Total playing time
62 minutes 7 seconds
Martin Wright
Martin Wright
Move Records Studio (tracks 5 and 6)
Release date
June 1995
© 1983, 1994 Ros Bandt
℗ 1983, 1995 Move Records
Australian, Cross-cultural
Catalogue number
MD 3045
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EAN 9314574304527