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Two Gentlemen of Verona - The Music of the 14th Century Vol. 1

Two Gentlemen of Verona is an anthology of recordings of the secular music of medieval France and Italy. This volume contains works by Jacopo da Bologna and Giovanni da Firenze.

The Music of the 14th Century Vol. 1.

Jacopo da Bologna and Giovanni da Firenze are the most prolific representatives of the first known generation of Italian polyphonic composition. These works were written under the patronage of the della Scala family in Verona and the Visconti family in Milan, and exemplify the "sweetness and intricacy" of their melodies.


Ensemble of the Fourteenth Century

The Ensemble of the Fourteenth Century is a collective of specialist singers and instrumentalists brought together for the Fourteenth Century Recording Project. The ensemble was initially formed around the leading Australian mediaeval ensemble La Romanesca, which was expanded to provide the varied instrumental and vocal combinations required by the repertoire.

Press quotes

“The performances have a fine flow and an impressive clarity ... it has opened my ears ...”

— Clifford Bartlett, Early Music News, UK

“a satisfying mixture of scholarly research and musical inspiration ... is of particularly good value and worth a listen by the general collector.”

— Sammy Breve, Australian Music Teacher Magazine

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Track Listing

  1. Sì come al canto (3 part version) Jacopo da Bologna 2:52
  2. Sì come al canto (2 part version) Jacopo da Bologna 2:56
  3. Fenice fu' Jacopo da Bologna 2:17
  4. In su bei fiori Jacopo da Bologna 2:21
  5. Giunge 'l bel tempo de la primavera Jacopo da Bologna 3:26
  6. Aquila altera - Uccel di dio - Creatura gentile Jacopo da Bologna 2:37
  7. O in Italia felice Liguria Jacopo da Bologna 2:23
  8. Osselletto silvagio (3 part caccia) Jacopo da Bologna 2:52
  9. Osselletto silvagio (2 part madrigal) Jacopo da Bologna 4:04
  10. Lux purpurata - Diligite iustitiam - Tenor Jacopo da Bologna 2:27
  11. O cieco mondo Jacopo da Bologna 3:22
  12. Sotto l'imperio del possente prince Jacopo da Bologna 3:29
  13. Più no mi curo Giovanni da Firenze 3:52
  14. O perlaro gentil Giovanni da Firenze 3:02
  15. Per larghi prati Giovanni da Firenze 2:55
  16. Nascoso el viso (Rossi 215) Giovanni da Firenze 3:36
  17. Nascoso el viso (Panciatichi 26) Giovanni da Firenze 2:57
  18. Agnel son bianco Giovanni da Firenze 3:00
  19. O tu cara scienza Giovanni da Firenze 5:51
  20. Fra mille corvi Giovanni da Firenze 2:24
  21. La bella stella Giovanni da Firenze 5:35
  22. De' come dolcemente Giovanni da Firenze 2:29


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