The Alan Lee/Jo Abbott Jazz Quartet

The Alan Lee/Jo Abbott Jazz Quartet is featured on the following titles

Music Of John Lewis

John Lewis' music combines romantic and classical, blues and jazz. These pieces were originally written for the Modern Jazz Quartet, and here they live on, freshly interpreted by Alan Lee (vibraharp), Jo Abbott (piano), Ivan Rosa (bass) and Ben Hendry (drums).

Members of The Alan Lee/Jo Abbott Jazz Quartet

Alan Lee

Alan is one of Australia's foremost performers on his chosen instrument, the vibraharp. He began his jazz career in the early fifties as a rhythm guitarist, but found his 'voice', the vibraharp, in 1957 and formed his own quartet in 1959.

Jo Abbott

Melbourne based pianist/composer Jo Abbott studied classical piano with Pamela Page (Qld University) and Stephen Savage (Qld Conservatorium) and received her Bachelor of Music from Qld Conservatorium.

Ivan Rosa

Ivan Rosa has been active in the Melbourne jazz scene for over 15 years. His solid time keeping and inventive soloing make him a popular studio and on-stage sideman.

Ben Hendry

A stalwart of the Melbourne jazz and improvised music scene, Ben is one of Melbourne's most sought after drummers. Renowned for his delicate touch at the drums, he has graced the stages in the UK and North America.