Jessica Laird

Jessica Laird completed her Bachelor of Music (Honours) at the Melbourne Conservatorium in 2011. Under the guidance of Peter Sheridan, she has been the first flutist from the Melbourne Conservatorium to complete an Honours specialising on the Alto Flute. In 2013, she finished her Masters of Music (Performance Teaching) where she specialised on Alto flute under the tuition of Mardi McSullea.

Jessica's interest in new expression through sound exploration and improvisation is reflected in The Laird Project, a collaborative duo formed with contemporary saxophonist, Rohan Laird. She has worked closely with Melbournian composer, Kitty Xiao, premiering original compositions as a member of Nimbus Trio. Jessica has recorded as a guest artist on Peter Sheridan's Sonorous Sonatas (Move 2014) and Fantasie Australis (Move, 2013) which has been broadcasted with ABC.

Performing as Nimbus Trio

Nimbus Trio was founded in 2013 by Kitty Xiao and Jessica Laird. The trio advocates and performs new music, including that of composer Kitty Xiao; and have commissioned new works by Australian composers as well as U.S composers.


The Nimbus Trio (piano, violin and flute) plays works by Kitty Xiao.

Performer: Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute

Jessica Laird also appears on

Sonorous Sonatas

Peter Sheridan's vision for this project was to bring the larger, lower sounding flutes to the centre stage, and in so doing, challenging their sound production and ability to create colourful sonic shapes in one of the most traditional Western musical forms: the Sonata.

Performer: Flute