John Seal

John Seal is featured on the following titles

Move to Mozart - Music for movement: resting and running

Performer: Percussion

Instrumental music for resting and running. Children always move to music and rhythmic movement is the foundation to much of our learning. John Seal employs a colourful variety of percussion instruments, as well as flute, guitar and acoustic bass.

Compositions by John Seal also appear on

It's Music - active listening for children

Performer: arranger, Arranger

This CD and the accompanying booklet is designed to introduce children to basic concepts in music.

John Seal also appears on

Did you see the wind today?

Performer: Percussion

Many of these songs will be remembered from the ABC's famous "Kindergarten of the Air" radio program. The 25 songs are relevant to a child's day, beginning at dawn and ending at bed-time.


Performer: Percussion

Australian saxophonist, Peter Clinch presents a recital of fine classical music. Often associated with jazz, the saxophone is heard here in a classical program ranging from the Italian Baroque to the early 20th century.