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Did you see the wind today?

Many of these songs will be remembered from the ABC's famous "Kindergarten of the Air" radio program. The 25 songs are relevant to a child's day, beginning at dawn and ending at bed-time.

This extremely popular recording was originally released on cassette. As our stock of cassettes has now completely dried up we have re-released it on CD.

The recording uses a wide variety of musical styles and sounds. It features songs for under 5s (although 6 and 7 year olds seem to love it, too). It Includes 14 songs by Zoë McHenry, the prolific children's songwriter of ABC radio's "Kindergarten of the Air" program of the 1950s.

Zoë's songs make a language link between the child and the natural world and they stretch children's imagination. Early childhood workers have welcomed this collection for its clarity, uncomplicated backings and variety of sounds. Nominated for best children's cassette in the 1988 ARIA awards, it is still charming little ones of today. A classic.


Fay White

Fay White performs regularly in a wide variety of settings; from cafés to concert halls, from conferences to community houses. She leads wonderful, vibrant singing workshops, and teaches in the areas of creativity, creation spirituality, music and care for the soul, arts and the environment and singing of all kinds.

Press quote

“This is exactly what pre-school teachers need and can't get enough of!”

— Jan Alexander, Early Childhood Development

Audio previews

Track Listing

  1. Morning song Fay White 1:57
  2. Wee wee tot (Traditional) 1:26
  3. Autumn leaves Zoë McHenry 1:19
  4. Who has seen the wind? Christina Georgina Rossetti 1:20
  5. Spring song Zoë McHenry 1:08
  6. Cluck cluck mother hen Zoë McHenry 1:06
  7. Hey little hen Noel Gay Ralph Butler 2:04
  8. Sunning Lorraine Milne James S. Tippett 1:56
  9. Mud Lorraine Milne John Smith :58
  10. Bouncing ball Zoë McHenry 1:05
  11. I love jelly Lorraine Milne Michelle Smith 1:33
  12. Train song (Traditional) 1:08
  13. I'm galloping Jack Zoë McHenry 1:32
  14. The spider Zoë McHenry 1:00
  15. I am a kangaroo Zoë McHenry :59
  16. The tiger Zoë McHenry 1:57
  17. The lighthouse Zoë McHenry 1:51
  18. Fish in the sea Zoë McHenry :50
  19. My boat is rocking (Traditional) 1:49
  20. O Matilda (Traditional) Lorraine Milne :48
  21. When I have a shower Lorraine Milne Ellen Evans 1:24
  22. When the rain is falling down Zoë McHenry 1:20
  23. Snuggled up in bed Zoë McHenry 1:42
  24. The star Zoë McHenry 1:21
  25. Little baby Jesus Zoë McHenry 1:56



Zoë McHenry

A pianist and music teacher, Zoë McHenry (1901-1971) was employed by the ABC's 'Kindergaten of the Air', as a pianist.

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