Lachlan Brown

Lachlan Brown is an Australian composer writing Impressionist and Romantic music, influenced by composers such as Mahler, Debussy and Delius. He particularly loves to write for harp, soprano, chamber ensembles and wordless choir.

His love of song cycles comes from Mahler, and his fondness for the harp and small string ensembles reflect his love of French composers of the early 20th century. He has three CDs on Move performed by some of Melbourne’s finest musicians. They contain a wealth of music: elegant pieces for string quartet, harp, and piano, and songs with texts by Brown’s favourite poets from Germany, France and China, Finally, vocalises and choral meditations demonstrate his skill in writing wordless vocal music, where the human voice is treated like a beautiful instrument.

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Lachlan Brown is featured on the following titles

Lachlan Brown Chamber Works

Lachlan Brown’s Chamber Works contains an hour of beautiful and relaxing music for his favourite instruments and chamber ensembles: piano, harp, organ, violin, cello and string quartet.

Performer: piano

The Night Sky Glory: songs and Choral works by Lachlan Brown

Vocal compositions by Lachlan Brown with texts by Victor Hugo, Heinrich Heine and Reiner Maria Rilke as well as wordless choral pieces.


Compositions by Lachlan Brown also appear on

By the Winding River: songs from old Chinese Poems by Lachlan Brown

In the tradition of Gustav Mahler’s The Song of the Earth, Lachlan Brown weaves a series of ancient Chinese poems into a modern song cycle.