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The Night Sky Glory: songs and Choral works by Lachlan Brown

Vocal compositions by Lachlan Brown with texts by Victor Hugo, Heinrich Heine and Reiner Maria Rilke as well as wordless choral pieces.

Legendary accompanist Len Vorster joins tenors Lyndon Green, Timothy Reynolds and Alistair Cooper-Golec and soprano Jenna Roubos to perform songs by Lachlan Brown with texts by Victor Hugo, Heinrich Heine and Reiner Maria Rilke.

The music beautifully coveys the poetry, by turn joyful, sensuous and melancholy.

The rest of the album is wordless, with vocalises sung by Roubos (with harp), treble Jimmy Hilton (with organ), and wordless choral meditations sung by Brown, Elspeth Bawden, Alison Rae-Jones and Holly Haines.


Lachlan Brown

Lachlan Brown is an Australian composer writing Impressionist and Romantic music, influenced by composers such as Mahler, Debussy and Delius. He particularly loves to write for harp, soprano, chamber ensembles and wordless choir.

Len Vorster

Len Vorster is one of Australia's finest accompanists and is artistic director of Classical Palette (a series of Naxos recordings devoted to contemporary music), of the Schirmer Ensemble, and of Port Fairy Spring Music Festival.

Holly Haines

Holly is a high-soprano singer. She has been involved in choirs, musical theatre (both in New York and Australia) and has recorded works for a local composer in Melbourne.

Press quote

“This first offering features pianist Len Vorster, soprano Jenna Roubos, soprano/altos Holly Haines and Alison Rae-Jones and Elspeth Bawden, treble Jimmy Hilton, tenors Timothy Reynolds and Alastair Cooper-Golec and Lyndon Green, the composer himself doubling as tenor and bass, harp Megan Reeve, violins George Vi and Marianne Rothschild, viola Karen Columbine, cello Michelle John, and organ Lachlan Redd. As you can see, some of these participants have been (and continue to be) significant members of the country’s (mainly Melbourne’s) musical community. Brown’s music is not impressive for its inventiveness but moves along well-trodden paths, compositional tropes that are very common territory. Much of it is pleasant and deft in its organization but it ignores most of what has happened in Western music over the last 120 years.”

— Clive O'Connell, O'Connell the Music

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Track Listing

  1. Frühling ist wiedergekommen Lachlan Brown
  2. Hier au soir Lachlan Brown
  3. Auf Flügeln Lachlan Brown
  4. Vocalise No. 1 for soprano and harp Lachlan Brown
  5. Vocalise No. 5 for treble and organ Lachlan Brown
  6. Schon horch Lachlan Brown
  7. The Night Sky Glory Lachlan Brown
  8. Meditations for choir Lachlan Brown

  9. III
  10. IV
  11. V
  12. Forest Voices Lachlan Brown

  13. I
  14. II
  15. Night Falls in the Forest Lachlan Brown


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The Night Sky Glory: songs and Choral works by Lachlan Brown is available as as CD. It can be purchased online through Buywell Music or the Australian Music Centre which both offer secure online ordering.

Move CDs can be ordered through music retailers across Australia including Readings.

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