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Latin American Piano Music

Alejandro Téllez performs both well known and overlooked Latin American Piano Music.

Alejandro A. Téllez Vargas performs a diverse selection of Latin American piano music, encompassing both well-known compositions and overlooked pieces.

By carefully curating works from Mexican and Cuban composers, Téllez presents pieces that have gained recognition within Mexico but remain unfamiliar to the English-speaking world. The elusive nature of this repertoire can be attributed to its limited exposure outside Latin American countries, where the composers and their music are primarily known, including pieces that Téllez has personally learned from unpublished manuscripts.

Within this captivating collection of 15 pieces, listeners will easily recognise the historical influences of European composition, intertwined with the vibrant rhythms of Mexico and Cuba. Some of the chosen works, originally performed alongside premieres of European compositions, create a harmonious juxtaposition that originally allowed audiences to experience the likes of Castro and Schumann in a single concert setting. Although some contemporary pianists have gradually incorporated a few of these pieces into their repertoire, the majority of these musical compositions remain largely unknown. Fortunately, the accompanying CD booklet provides a thorough and enlightening history of the repertoire.

Téllez deserves recognition not only for his performances of these works but also for his remarkable effort in introducing these rich musical pieces to audiences beyond the borders of Latin American countries.


Alejandro Téllez

Alejandro Alberto Téllez Vargas was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study a master’s degree in piano performance, with a related field of studies in music and medicine, at the University of North Texas (UNT). He completed a Ph.D. in Disability Studies in 2016 (University of Melbourne) and was an Endeavour Postgraduate Award Holder from 2012 to 2016 (Australian Government). He has taken masterclasses with Geoffrey Tozer, Leslie Howard, Peter Donohoe, Sergei Edelmann, Peter Jablonski, Santiago Rodríguez, Gregory Allen, and Stephen Hough.

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Track Listing

  1. Adiós in A Major (“Farewell”) Alfredo Carrasco
  2. Prelude in A Minor, op. 15, no. 2 (“Barcarolle”) Ricardo Castro
  3. A la Antigua in D-flat Major (“Old-Fashioned”) Ernesto Lecuona
  4. Danzas Tropicales (“Tropical Dances”) Ernesto Elorduy

  5. Vivo
  6. Vivo – Languido, lento
  7. Lento
  8. Danzas Nocturnas (“Nocturne Dances”) Luis G. Jordá
  9. Polonaise in G-sharp Minor, op. 11 Ricardo Castro
  10. Ante el Escorial in E-flat Minor (“In Front of the Escorial Monastery”) Ernesto Lecuona
  11. Scherzino Mexicano in D Major Manuel Ponce
  12. La Comparsa in F-sharp Major (“Carnival Procession”) Ernesto Lecuona
  13. Intermezzo in E Minor Manuel Ponce
  14. Prelude for piano or harp in E Major Mario Ruiz Armengol
  15. Gitanerías in D Minor (“Gipsy Trickeries”) Ernesto Lecuona
  16. Caprice-Valse in E Major, op. 1 Ricardo Castro



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