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Luz Meridional (Southern Light)

A CD with bonus DVD. Luz Meridional was composed by Andrián Pertout for pianist Michael Kieran Harvey. Comprising 24 solo piano études each piece contains a quotation from an early Australian composer.

The bonus DVD-ROM contains video of seven of the études, a short documentary about the work, and various PDF documents and scores about Luz Meridional, including a long analytical essay by Arjun von Caemmerer. These can be copied from the DVD to your computer.

The quotations from the Australian composers utilise and transform this material in various ways: contrapuntal procedures, formal structures, pointillism, time point sets, tempo canons, combinatoriality, imitation, linear additive composition models, ornamentation, ostinato, quotations, rhyme schemes, serialism, inversions and palindromes, interval exploration, reharmonization, additive rhythms, bell ringing sequences, De Bruijn sequences, isorhythms, metric modulations, non-retrogradable rhythms, polyrhythms, True Random Number Generators, etc.


Michael Kieran Harvey

Michael Kieran Harvey is one of the foremost interpreters of contemporary piano music of his generation. A champion of Australian music and himself a composer, he regularly commissions new Australian music and has performed with Australia's leading contemporary music ensembles and orchestras.

Track Listing

  1. Niño durmiente: Homenaje a Roy Agnew (Andrián Pertout)
  2. Encuentro: Homenaje a John Antill (Andrián Pertout)
  3. Diversión: Homenaje a Don Banks (Andrián Pertout)
  4. Balada: Homenaje a Arthur Benjamin (Andrián Pertout)
  5. Poema sinfónico: Homenaje a Clive Douglas (Andrián Pertout)
  6. Danza de guerra: Homenaje a Peggy Glanville-Hicks (Andrián Pertout)
  7. Caleidoscopio: Homenaje a Eugene Goossens (Andrián Pertout)
  8. Canción colonial: Homenaje a Percy Grainger (Andrián Pertout)
  9. Nostalgia: Homenaje a Raymond Hanson (Andrián Pertout)
  10. El bosque: Homenaje a Fritz Hart (Andrián Pertout)
  11. Melancolía: Homenaje a Marjorie Hesse (Andrián Pertout)
  12. Retrospectivo: Homenaje a Alfred Hill (Andrián Pertout)
  13. Meditación: Homenaje a Mirrie Hill (Andrián Pertout)
  14. Elegía: Homenaje a Dulcie Holland (Andrián Pertout)
  15. Síntesis: Homenaje a Robert Hughes (Andrián Pertout)
  16. Bagatela: Homenaje a Keith Humble (Andrián Pertout)
  17. En la piscina: Homenaje a Frank Hutchens (Andrián Pertout)
  18. El anillo de nuevas campanas: Homenaje a Miriam Hyde (Andrián Pertout)
  19. Fantasma del mar: Homenaje a Horace Keats (Andrián Pertout)
  20. Gloria: Homenaje a Louis Lavater (Andrián Pertout)
  21. Despedida: Homenaje a Dorian Le Gallienne (Andrián Pertout)
  22. Tres bosquejos: Homenaje a William Lovelock (Andrián Pertout)
  23. Himno para la muerte de Jesús: Homenaje a James PenberthySeis perfiles Homenaje a Margaret Sutherland (Andrián Pertout)
  24. Seis perfiles: Homenaje a Margaret Sutherland (Andrián Pertout)


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Luz Meridional (Southern Light) can be purchased online through Buywell Just Classical or the Australian Music Centre which both offer secure online ordering.

This title is also available in (or can be ordered through) many fine music retailers across Australia including Readings.

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