Arjun von Caemmerer

Dr Arjun von Caemmerer is a Hobart-based medical practitioner, Iyengar Yoga teacher/practitioner and writer. In 1995 (with Naomi Cameron) he established The Hobart School of Iyengar Yoga.

Arjun's Pieces of 8, written in celebration of Yogāchāraya Sri BKS Iyengar's 88th birthday, appropriated and juxtaposed eight different translations of Patañjali's Yoga-Sūtra. This book served as the initial stimulus for Michael Kieran Harvey's composition, Patañjali. In a personal tribute to Sri BKS Iyengar (1918-2014), Arjun choreographed and performed a series of yogāsanas (yoga postures) for the premiere performances of Patañjali at Hobart MONA FOMA in January 2015.

Arjun's writing has appeared in The Medical Journal of Australia, extempore,, Famous Reporter, Unusual Work, The Rondo Hatton Report, Yoga Rahasya, and on Michael Kieran Harvey's Move Records CDs 48 Fugues for Frank and Psychosonata. Arjun's "Vice Versa" – new and selected poems (2016) is available on Collective Effort Press.

Arjun von Caemmerer appears on


Performer: concrete poetry

This is Michael Kieran Harvey's fifth piano sonata, heard here in both a conventional piano version, as well as an electric keyboard interpretation. It is sub-titled 'Greta' in recognition of climate change activist Greta Thunberg. It is sub-sub-titled 'Concerto in no need of an orchestra'.

Luz Meridional (Southern Light)

Performer: concrete poetry / essay

A CD with bonus DVD. Luz Meridional was composed by Andrián Pertout for pianist Michael Kieran Harvey. Comprising 24 solo piano études each piece contains a quotation from an early Australian composer.

The Green Brain Cycle

Performer: voice / concrete poetry

This is Michael Kieran Harvey’s 92 minute multi-instrument solo extravaganza inspired by Frank Herbert’s 1966 futuristic ecological novel “The Green Brain”, with amusing concrete poetry by Arjun von Caemmerer.


Performer: Yoga Practitioner

This music CD and performance DVD is a celebration of Patañjali’s Yoga-Sūtra in music and āsana (2015) composed by Michael Kieran Harvey who also plays various keyboards, Arabella Teniswood Harvey (piano) and Eugene Ughetti (percussion).


Performer: voice / poetry

A collection of Michael Kieran Harvey’s compositions from 2007-2013 ranging in mood from the relatively serious to cheerful pastiche. Harvey is joined by the very brightest young instrumentalists Australia has to offer.

48 Fugues for Frank

Performer: concrete poetry

A musical homage to the life and work of Frank Zappa, composed and performed by Michael Kieran Harvey, and complemented by Lingua Franka - concrete poetry by Arjun von Caemmerer.