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Move 50

A special CD to celebrate Move Records’ 50th year. Twenty-four Australian composers were invited to create a new short work for this special commemorative disc.

The works vary in length, from Tony Gould's delightful one minute offering, to an amazing eight minute piece for bass flute performed by Peter Sheridan. Other performers include Christopher Young, Ron Nagorcka, Lyndon Green, Merlyn Quaife, Andrea Katz, Gabriella Smart, Stefan Cassomenos, Benjamin Price, Warren Burt, Linda Kouvaras, Deviani Segal, and Robert Schubert.

15 of the works are performed by pianist extraordinaire Michael Kieran Harvey.

For 50 years Move Records has been supporting Australian classical and jazz composers and musicians. Move 50 is a landmark CD featuring twenty-four Australian composers who contributed mostly original works to mark the occasion. The booklet includes brief commentary from each of the composers.

On the back cover of the booklet a poetic tribute from Arjun von Caemmerer sums up just some of the commitment Move Records has shown to the Australian Music Industry.

Move 50 will appeal to those listeners who appreciate both standard and experimental classical and jazz compositions. The talent and variety of music is immense, offering broad appeal.

Celebrate Move's Golden Anniversary now with MOVE 50!


Michael Kieran Harvey

Australian pianist and composer, Dr Michael Kieran Harvey FAHA, is one of the foremost interpreters of contemporary piano music of his generation. A champion of Australian music and himself a composer, he regularly commissions new Australian music and has performed with Australia's leading contemporary music ensembles and orchestras.

Press quotes

“Music lovers are aware that by now contemporary music is no longer as 'difficult' or atonal as it became in the mid-late 20th century. Today, styles labeled (mainly for convenience) as post-impressionist or post-minimalist utilise tonal harmony, and are primarily studies in texture designed to delight the ear. There are many such pieces here. The bulk of the works are for solo piano, all performed with great sensitivity by Michael Kieran Harvey. If he is not the unsung hero of Australian music, he's definitely under-sung – but not by Move Records, who have produced over two dozen CDs with this remarkable composer/pianist. Harvey's own piece for prepared piano (Keen), marries musical argument to sonic experimentation. To close, we have a brief track from an earlier disc: Julian Yu's very witty variation on Happy Birthday for clarinet and string quartet. It strikes just the right note to end this terrific celebratory collection.” ★★★★

— Phil Scott, Fine Music VIP Newsletter

“In 2018, Move Records celebrated 50 years in operation, bringing Australian music to the forefront of its enterprises across the decades. I’m sure it hasn’t been plain sailing throughout every stretch of the journey and it can’t be a promising panorama if you survey the current recording scene where so much is available through so many different forms of media. As an appropriate observance of its half-century, the company produced this CD that comprises 24 tracks of works by Australian composers, ranging in length from the 59 seconds of Andrea Keller‘s Deep Blue to Paul Moulatlet‘s Dark Star which persists for 7′53″. Most of the performers are well-known names; ditto, the composers. Further, quite a number of the works have been specifically composed to honour the Move label and its milestone, with a few directed in praise of Martin Wright who was one of the original founders and has been a producer and engineer on countless Move products.”

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— Clive O'Connell, O'Connell the Music

“Australia's favourite homegrown label turns 50 with new birthday. 24 Australian composers were invited to contribute a short work, and this commemorative release is the result. Highlights include ' A Memory on the Move' by Ron Nagorcka, on which piano and didgeridoo intertwine to great effect. Ros Bandt's mysterious and evocative 'Mystic Morn' is an understated gem beautifully performed by Gabriella Smart. Soprano Merlyn Quaife gives a knock-out performance of 'Sonnet After John Keats' by Gordon Kerry. 'Postlude' is a wonderful inclusion of computer music from Warren Burt. 'Northcote Days' is a piano duet performed by the composer Linda Kouvaras with Deviani Segal that produces a series of dense, exuberant textures. The recording is rich and reverent ... 'Move 50' is a fascinating, historically informed snapshot of the artists that have been involved with Move and are still in a position to create new works.” ★★★½

— Lisa MacKinney , Limelight

“There is a veritable feast of music across the twenty-four tracks and it is impossible within a review to do justice to them all. Harvey’s Keen differs markedly from his previous compositions. Here the pitches stem from the letters B-A-C-H and are finally ‘resolved by a chord incorporating all twelve tones’ as with the subject of Bach’s 24th fugue in the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1. The full and changing colour of each and every sound is allowed its own space and time as the intensity of the piece as a unified whole increases. There is an unsettled sense in this wailing, the slow pacing of the tones and the increasing loudness that is, however, in many ways resolved with the exuberance of the final arpeggio. Fabulous! Paul Moulatlet’s Dark Star written for bass flute and performed by Peter Sheridan ... providing freedom within the score for Sheridan to take his own creative path. There is a haunting sense of searching here, with great poignancy shaped in the openness and depth of tones available on the instrument. Sheridan’s technique and expressiveness are superb. There is so much more from Andrea Keller, Andrián Pertout, Tony Gould, Linda Kouvaras, Kanako Okamoto, Julian Yu and many others. This is an important CD celebrating Martin Wright’s collaboration with, and advocacy for remarkable Australian composers, some of whom may not have had such a forum for their work without Move Records.”

— Mandy Stefanakis, Music Trust Loud Mouth e-zine

Audio previews

Track Listing

  1. Heritage Tony Gould
  2. Noah Roger Heagney
  3. Pathways Christopher Young
  4. Bitter and Sweet Kanako Okamoto
  5. L-ove Records Vaughan McAlley
  6. Outbreak of Love Prelude George Dreyfus
  7. A Memory on the Move Ron Nagorcka
  8. Deep Blue Andrea Keller
  9. Keen Michael Kieran Harvey
  10. An Endless Ripple Brenton Broadstock
  11. Wisdom Christopher Willcock
  12. Mystic Morn Ros Bandt
  13. Sonnet afer John Keats Gordon Kerry
  14. Iconoclast 2 Michael Bertram
  15. From a Star Afar Eve Duncan
  16. Milestone Tribute Don Kay
  17. Expansion - Heart Reflects the Sky Kate Tempany
  18. Dark Star Paul Moulatlet
  19. Saral Aavart Gati Andrián Pertout
  20. Postlude Warren Burt
  21. Interpolationen Simon Barber
  22. Northcote Days Linda Kouvaras
  23. Sisyphus Brendan Colbert
  24. Stepping up Birthday Julian Yu



Tony Gould

Pianist and composer Tony Gould is one of Australia’s most respected musicians. His career has embraced many styles of music, not least jazz and other improvisatory musics in addition to traditional and contemporary classical musics. He gives many concerts each year and for 50 years he has been involved in an extraordinary number of recording projects both as pianist and composer and has been at the forefront of music education in Australia via various tertiary institutions in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Roger Heagney

Heagney has gained an international reputation as pianist and harpsichordist. He lectures at the Australian Catholic University and performs regularly with The Academy of Melbourne and Pro Arte Orchestras and at the Melbourne International Festival of Organ and Harpsichord.

Christopher Young

Christopher Young (soprano sax, flutes and bass clarinet) is best-known for co-leading the Lewis and Young Ensemble in the 1990s with well-known indigenous actor/musician Tom E. Lewis.

Kanako Okamoto

Kanako Okamoto is rapidly gaining an international profile as an exciting and significant Japanese composer.

Vaughan McAlley

Vaughan is a composer and arranger, a capable flautist and french horn player as well as engineer of countless Move CD releases.

George Dreyfus

One of Australia's best known composers, especially the theme from the TV series "Rush", George Dreyfus was recently awarded a the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany at the Victorian Parliament House, for services to music.

Ron Nagorcka

Ron Nagorcka has a long-held interest in the sounds of the Australian bush (in particular its birds), the use of electronics in music and the system of tuning known as just intonation. His recordings of nature in Tasmania and in the arid zones of mainland Australia provide the basis for many of his compositions.

Andrea Keller

Andrea Keller is a well-known Melbourne-based jazz pianist whose recent album Mikrokosmos not only won the inaugural Bell Award for contemporary jazz but also the 2003 ARIA jazz award.

Brenton Broadstock

Brenton Broadstock is now one of Australia's most well established, respected and successful mid-generation composers.

Christopher Willcock

Christopher Willcock (born 1947) is an Australian Jesuit priest and one of the most prolific and frequently published Catholic composers of liturgical music.

Ros Bandt

Ros Bandt is a composer performer and sound artist who is passionate about combining ancient and modern sonic practices. Her sound research has included building a medieval Pythagorean recorder and she directs the Australian sound design project on line at the Australian centre, The University of Melbourne.

Gordon Kerry

Gordon Kerry's music ranges from the symphonic through chamber music to choral music and opera. He is frequently commissioned by Australian orchestras, chamber ensembles, festivals and soloists, as well as ensembles in the USA and Europe.

Michael Bertram

Michael Bertram's early musical experience was in a cathedral choir, and later as a pianist. He started composing in the 1970s.

Eve Duncan

Eve Duncan has composed chamber, orchestral and vocal music, and her work has been presented in many festivals in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Don Kay

Don Kay has composed much music for professional individuals, ensembles, young performers, amateur groups, theatre, concert and public occasions. Over time his music has increasingly resulted from response to the Tasmanian landscape, ecology and history.

Paul Moulatlet

Paul Moulatlet is a Melbourne-based Australian composer whose works have been performed in England, Italy, Norway, the USA and numerous Australian events, including the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and Federation Music Week: Contemporary Music of Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Andrián Pertout

Andrián Pertout was born in Santiago, Chile, 17 October, 1963, and lived in Gorizia, Northern Italy for several years before finally settling in Melbourne, Australia in 1972. In 2007, he completed a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree at the University of Melbourne on Tweddle Trust, Australian Postgraduate and Melbourne Research scholarships, studying composition under the guidance of Brenton Broadstock.

Warren Burt

Warren Burt has worked in academia, education, radio and as a composer, filmmaker, video artist, writer and community-arts organizer. He has written probably far too many works for instruments, electronics, voice, video, theater, prose, poetry, et cetera. His works have been performed and shown in the USA, Australia, Europe and Japan.

Simon Barber

Tasmanian born composer Simon Barber studied composition with Don Kay in the mid to late 90s at the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music in Hobart before relocating to Berlin in 2002.

Linda Kouvaras

Linda Kouvaras is a pianist, composer and musicologist, with particular interests in contemporary music. She has recorded, commissioned, and premiered numerous contemporary Australian works for piano, performing extensively in city and regional centres.

Brendan Colbert

Brendan Colbert was born in Ballarat, Victoria, in 1956. After moving to Melbourne in the 1970s, he worked with various progressive-rock bands as keyboard player and songwriter, and during the 1980s studied composition with Brenton Broadstock and Riccardo Formosa.

Julian Yu

The multi-award winning Australian composer Julian Yu employs a musical language imbued with a high degree of elegance and expressiveness, which are both enhanced by an impeccable craft and special attention to detail.

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