Peter Sheridan

A specialist in low flutes (bass, contrabass and sub-contrabass flutes), performer Peter Sheridan has commissioned over seventy compositions for these unique instruments.

He has recorded Hollywood soundtracks and has been a recipient of awards from Mannes College, University of Arizona, Aspen Music Festival, Ottorino Respighi Festival (Italy), American Composers Forum, and Santa Monica College.

A native of New York City, Peter has performed and taught in America, England and Australia. He has been a faculty member of numerous music faculties in Los Angeles and was a founding member of the Los Angeles Flute Quartet. He is now a Teaching Associate at Monash University, and a woodwinds instructor and band director at Donvale Christian College and Mazenod College in Australia.

He is an active soloist and chamber musician and his flutes can be heard on Albany, Innova, Warner Music Latina, Varese Sarabande and Move record labels.

Peter performs on Kotato and Fukishima bass and contrabass flutes, and Jelle Hogenhuis's subcontrabass and hyperbass flutes.

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Peter Sheridan is featured on the following titles

Dances and Delights

Featuring premiere recordings of Australian and American works for the modern flute ensemble, this album is filled with sounds of spirit and serenity. Take a journey from waltzes and fancy two-steps to beautiful arrangements of the most memorable tunes ever written.

Performer: Flute

Continental Drift

Continental Drift features compositions for two bass flutes and cello. As the movement of the Earth’s continents drift across the ocean floor, new music has its own journey of slow migration, as it to travels around the globe, across time and space into various lands and multiple cultures.

Performer: Bass Flute

Sonorous Sonatas

Peter Sheridan's vision for this project was to bring the larger, lower sounding flutes to the centre stage, and in so doing, challenging their sound production and ability to create colourful sonic shapes in one of the most traditional Western musical forms: the Sonata.

Performer: Flute

Fantasie Australis

This recording features compositions by living Australian composers, mostly whom are based in Melbourne, Victoria. It is performed by the Monash Flute Ensemble directed by Peter Sheridan. The flute ensemble repertoire of Australia is rather minor compared to other national musical genres, though the country has a rich and vibrant source of fine woodwind composers.


Monologues & Dialogues

This recording features the resonant and meditative sounds of the modern day low flutes. These austere, breathy and even creepy flute sounds should inspire an abundance of musical imaginations.

Performer: Flutes

Below: Music For Low Flutes

This charming and rare recording features predominantly commissioned chamber music for low flutes that was composed to showcase the lyrical and colourful tonal qualities of these instruments, expanding their small yet growing repertoire.

Performer: Alto, Bass, Contrabass and Sub-contrabass Flutes

Peter Sheridan also appears on

Move 50

A special CD to celebrate Move Records’ 50th year. Twenty-four Australian composers were invited to create a new short work for this special commemorative disc.

Performer: Flute


This release of original compositions by Harvey includes solo and ensemble works centred around the monumental fourth piano sonata, a homage to the courageous anti-fascist Antonio Gramsci. This anti-fascist theme percolates through all the works, which range in mood from nostalgically whimsical to furiously satirical.

Performer: Flute