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Below: Music For Low Flutes

This charming and rare recording features predominantly commissioned chamber music for low flutes that was composed to showcase the lyrical and colourful tonal qualities of these instruments, expanding their small yet growing repertoire.

Low flutes are mostly a 20th century invention, yet the concept of extending a particular instrumental sound dates back to the Renaissance period, when recorder consorts, with bass and alto recorders were used frequently in performances. In recent times, the popularity of low flutes grew with the renewed interest in the flute choir and flute quartet. Low flutes are basically members of the extended flute family, which play below the range of the standard orchestral C flute.

These instruments include the alto flute in G (four notes below the C flute), the bass flute in C (one octave below C flute), the contrabass flute in C (two octaves below C flute, played in an upright standing position), and the sub-contra bass flute in C (three octaves below the C flute, played either sitting or standing). There are a few other low flutes not represented on this recording. These are the Pinschofon in C, bass flutes in F and G, and a extra large piped instrument known as the hyperbass flute.


Peter Sheridan

A specialist in low flutes (bass, contrabass and sub-contrabass flutes), performer Peter Sheridan has commissioned over seventy compositions for these unique instruments.

Claire Cooper

Claire Cooper studied with John Winther at the Canberra School of Music, and later at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She spent five years as repetiteur and accompanist for the Victorian College of the Arts and was a member of staff at the Faculty of Music, University of Melbourne as an accompanist.

Press quotes

“I am still basking in the beauty of Peter Sheridan's new CD, aptly titled Below. A real gem for those of us who love the lower voices of the flute family. In particular, the works of Gary Schocker and Alex Shapiro's stunning Below. Peter's beautiful and agile tone on the lower flutes is truly amazing.”

— Adrienne Albert, Composer

“Peter Sheridan is a musician among flutists. The result is a complex and provocative recording, all thoroughly enjoyable.”

— Gary Schocker, Flutist/Composer

“Peter Sheridan presents a kaleidoscope of flutes on this CD and honours every single flutemaker by playing their instruments so marvellously. In "Below" he appears to master my subcontrabassflute in a way I had never thought possible!”

— Jelle Hogenhuis, Designer of Low Flutes (Holland)

“Peter Sheridan is a world class flutist, demonstrating exceptional skill and artistry on contra flutes. His creative approach to these lower instruments shines forth in his extraordinary CD "Below: Music for Low Flutes" A "must have" CD for every flutist, especially flutists who specialize in low flutes.”

— Paige Dashner Long, Director of the New England Conservatory Summer Metropolitan Flute Festival Orchestra

“I've never heard such virtuosic playing on the low flutes!”

— Katherine Hoover, Composer

“Attractive performances which expand the possibilities of Low flutes, especially, the Bass and Contrabass flutes which give a very fresh inspiration and originality.”

— Shozo Ogura, Kotato Flutes Dealer, USA

“In this recording he [Peter Sheridan] shows the true virtuosity of low flutes...Highly Recommended.”

— Carla Rees, BFS Flute Magazine

“... very enjoyable and great playing - well done!”

— Mike Mower, Composer, Musician-UK

“... simply a feast for the ears-stunning sonorities and stunning playing throughout. Bravo!”

— Daniel Kessner, Composer, USA

“Stunningly beautiful and awe inspiring - an incredibly colourful soundscape full of so many precious moments from the master of low flutes.”

— David Temby, Temby Flutes

“Sheridan's playing opens up a new sound world to composers and flutists alike. This recording is a thrilling and satisfying experience!”

— Dr. Houston Dunleavy, Head of Composition, Uni. of Wollongong

“A Powerhouse down in the depths...”

— Robert Dick, Flautist and Composer,

Audio previews

Track Listing

    A Small Sonata For A Large Flute Gary Schocker

  1. Moderato
  2. Cantabile
  3. Snappy
  4. Irish In The Lowlands Sheridon Stokes
  5. Virtuosic Etudes: Winter Sun Hilary Taggart Peter Sheridan
  6. Virtuosic Etudes: Allegro Vivace, Op 4 #18 Jules Demerssemann Peter Sheridan
  7. Virtuosic Etudes: Allegretto Vivo, Op 33 #8 Ernesto Kohler Peter Sheridan
  8. Madrigal Philippe Gaubert
  9. City Vignettes Patrick Neher

  10. Corner Encounter
  11. Lunacite
  12. Block Party
  13. Adventures Under A Leaf Gary Schocker

  14. Fern
  15. Hosta
  16. Mint
  17. Monkshood
  18. Poppy
  19. Elegy Bruce Lawrence
  20. There Is A Difference Between Apples And Men Vinny Golia
  21. And The Giant Began To Dance Peter Sheridan
  22. Below Alex Shapiro



Gary Schocker

Flutist- composer- pianist Gary Schocker is an accomplished musician of outstanding versatility. He has composed sonatas and chamber music for most instruments of the orchestra.

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Recorded at the Move Records Studio, Melbourne Australia.

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August 2009
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