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Sonorous Sonatas

Peter Sheridan's vision for this project was to bring the larger, lower sounding flutes to the centre stage, and in so doing, challenging their sound production and ability to create colourful sonic shapes in one of the most traditional Western musical forms: the Sonata.

For many flutists, holding an alto or bass flute up for more than a few minutes can be rather difficult and challenging. There are new designs to assist in this physical impediment and one only hopes that new players, both young and old, will begin their journey of exploration with the low flutes; not allowing any physical restraints to impede their enjoyment of a whole new world of flute sounds.

These giant flutes are capable of sustaining our musical interest and attention for more than the standard three to five minute compositions. Peter says: "sound waves become quite interesting and complex the closer they approach the limits of human hearing (20,000 Hz – 16 Hz). It is these extreme frequencies I wish to introduce or re-invite into your musical ear and library."

These compositions create a sonorous world worthy of full attentive listening, and will intrigue and excite your aural senses. To create sounds that have shape, duration, intensity and colour is nothing short of miraculous. And to notate these sounds and reproduce them long after their first creation is certainly special to the study and performance of art music.

Sound floats for long periods of time in the brain and inner ear; far after the vibrations cease to exist in the actual air ... the ‘Sonorous Effect’.

As ripples on a pond carry energy across the smooth surface of the water, so does musical sound. Vibrations resonate around our minds, our planet and even throughout the galaxy!


Peter Sheridan

A specialist in low flutes (bass, contrabass and sub-contrabass flutes), performer Peter Sheridan has commissioned over seventy compositions for these unique instruments.

Press quotes

“A beautiful selection of music by many wonderful artists including the talented Mr Peter Sheridan, taking your ears on a magical, sonorous journey enhanced by the deep resonance of the low flutes and substantial sonatas.” ★★★★★

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— iTunes Customer Review by TH289,

“Mr Sheridan and co have brought together a wonderful sequence of pieces which draws you into a beautiful journey with highs and lows. Ultimately lifting the spirit and leaving you pleasently surprised.” ★★★★★

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— iTunes Customer Review by rjzaar,

“the instruments are new and thrilling [like a] Suess-ianly delight...”

— Mark Adams, Cailf., USA,

“The prime mover of all this exposition of the flute in all its forms is Melbourne based academic and flute enthusiast Peter Sheridan. The two CDs are in fact very different. While Sonorous Sonatas is a recording of Peter Sheridan playing low flutes in duets with piano, alto flute and piccolo, Fantasie Australis is a CD of large-scale pieces for the full Monash University Flute Ensemble often including twenty-one flautists. Peter Sheridan established this flute ensemble in 2010 and it has paved the way for many flautists and composers to explore the sonic possibilities of the extended flute family.

Don’t expect to hear a Bach fugue or a flute arrangement of the Brandenburg Concertos. These adventurous albums are all new music with mostly Australian composers commissioned by Peter Sheridan to explore the sonorities of the huge range of the western flute. The composers are Gary Schocker, Jane Hammond, Taran Carter, Jellie Hogenhuis, Andrew Downes, Carolyn Morris, Houston Dunleavy, Vincent Giles, Vaughan McAlley, Thomas Reiner, Russell Gilmour, Emma Rogers and Michael Rosiak.”

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— Peter Winkler, Music Trust Website

Audio previews

Track Listing

    Music for a Lost Planet (2009) Gary Schocker

  1. Above 3:08
  2. Below 5:14
  3. Burn 1:13
  4. Float 3:39
  5. Song Without Words (2013) Expressive and relaxed Jane Hammond 3:21
  6. Owis Sfutel (2012) Taran Carter

  7. Adagio 2:44
  8. Allegretto 4:58
  9. Con Molto Energy 4:50
  10. Largo 1:48
  11. Adagio 2:45
  12. Elegia Tranquillo, senza tempo Jelle Hogenhuis 7:27
  13. Sonata, Op.99 (2008) Andrew Downes

  14. Largo e espressivo 5:07
  15. Allegretto con moto 4:44
  16. Adagio con amore 5:19
  17. Allegro Brilliante 5:09
  18. Forest Over Sea (2013) Carolyn Morris

  19. Awakening 4:24
  20. Skylarking 3:52
  21. Turquoise Sea 4:03
  22. Ocean Ride 2:30
  23. Clumsy Dances, No.6 (2011) A Clumsy Gigue Houston Dunleavy 2:06



Gary Schocker

Flutist- composer- pianist Gary Schocker is an accomplished musician of outstanding versatility. He has composed sonatas and chamber music for most instruments of the orchestra.

Jane Hammond

Jane has composed original music for mainstream and community theatre, and the concert stage for ensembles and companies including Ensemble Liaison, Victoria State Opera, Opera Australia, and the Melbourne International Festival. Her works have been performed throughout Australia and internationally and have been described as being of “of ravishing beauty and rare artistic distinction".

Taran Carter

Taran Carter has been writing music since he realised that to be a pop star you either had to look good, sound good or write nice tunes. He chose the last. Taran’s musical interests are diverse; they include Toru Takemitsu, Paul Simon, Iannis Xenakis, Augie March, Arvo Pärt, The Beatles and Claude Debussy.

Andrew Downes

Andrew Downes was born in Handsworth, Birmingham, in 1950. He won a choral scholarship to St. John's College, Cambridge (in 1969), where he gained an MA degree specializing in composition; and in 1974 went on to study with Herbert Howells at the Royal College of Music. Between 1990 and 2005, he was Head of the School of Composition and Creative Studies at Birmingham Conservatoire and was awarded a Professorship in 1992. He now works as a freelance composer.

Carolyn Morris

Carolyn Morris is an accomplished oboist, composer and pianist in the Melbourne area. She has studied at both he the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School and the Victorian College for the Arts (University).

Houston Dunleavy

Houston Dunleavy was born in Ulster and has a wide ranging career across the globe, as musician, conductor and composer.

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