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Musical Transfiguration

An acoustic journey across Vietnamese soundscapes, from the majestic sounds of court music to the subtle flow of lullabies, from poetry and classical chamber music to lively, village festival songs.

An acoustic journey across Vietnamese soundscapes. From the majestic sounds of court music to the subtle flow of lullabies, from the haunting voices of chanted poetry and classical chamber music to the lively rhythms of the village festival songs. The Vietnamese zither, skin drum, bronze bells, coin clappers, wooden sticks and voice evocatively conjure up the Vietnamese soundscapes.


Le Tuan Hung

Le Tuan Hung is a composer, performer and author, specialising in Vietnamese music and experimental music of contemporary Australia. He is also the author of various publications on Vietnamese performing arts and is regarded as an international authority in Vietnamese musicology.

Le Thi Kim

Le Thi Kim is a virtuoso in Vietnamese classical and village music. She has performed widely in Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe.

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“Le Thi Kim's soaring voice and the delicate, enchanting rhythms of the music create a memorable atmosphere, and a wonderful introduction to the lovely music of Vietnam.”

— Sophie Masson, The New Englander

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Track Listing

  1. Six Royal Pieces (Traditional)
  2. Crossing Mountain Pass (Traditional)
  3. Four Grand Landscapes (Traditional)
  4. Lullaby (Traditional)
  5. Black Horse Song (Traditional)
  6. Chant of a Soldier's Wife (Traditional)
  7. Reflection Le Tuan Hung
  8. Welcoming Spring Song (Traditional)
  9. Love Song (Traditional)
  10. At the City of Ascending Dragon, Recollecting the Past (Traditional)
  11. Paper and Strings Le Thi Kim


  • Le Tuan Hung · dan tranh [vietnamese zither], skin and clay drums, bronze bells, sanh [wooden sticks], voice
  • Le Thi Kim · dan tranh, sinh tien [coin clappers], voice

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Recorded at the Move Records Studio, Melbourne Australia.

This recording project has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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