Ephemeral Densities

ephemeral densities is re-sound's third CD. It focuses on new Australian work by re-sound members Steve Adam, Melanie Chilianis, Paul Moulatlet, and Thomas Reiner. It integrates contemporary chamber music, computer music and popular electronic music.

All but one of these works were presented in March 2004 to a capacity audience at Pony, a night club in Melbourne's inner city district. The audience feedback on this performance that re-sound received encouraged the group to create this recording.

canal includes a processed drum pattern created with a drum ensemble, a range of drum samples, simple chord progressions, and samples taken from site recordings in 2003 in Venice and Florence.

Quintet/sextet for chamber group and CD juxtaposes atonal chamber music with recorded materials, including samples of site recordings made in Florence and Venice.

breath stain uses various sound sources as the raw material for construction and transformation. re-sound performers (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, violin and flute). Non-instrumental sounds include samples taken from a walk in inner-city Melbourne and crickets in Somers, Victoria. breath stain uses an electro-acoustic environment to expose the relationship between breath, musical gesture and non-instrumental sounds.

HybriD is a collaborative work for multiple acoustic instruments, live computer processing and synthesis. The merging of performance data derived from each of the performers enables a mix of influences that result in the creation of sounds that are effectively hybrids.

aerofoil features a bouncy synth-bass loop, tape delay applied to hi-hat rhythms, some ambient gestures made up of slowly undulating pitches, an up-beat pizzicato-style melodic motive, and a bell-like, high-pitch texture.

Vectors uses an ordered set of pitches and its variants, and the original set governs the relationship among the different variants.

ephemeral densities explores changes of texture and sound colour. Four sound objects provide the source material for the work: (1) a synthesized sound that resembles the chirping call of the male cricket, (2) a fast changing, busy sound that appeared suddenly and surprisingly as a sonic artefact while undertaking site recordings with a minidisk recorder in Victoria's Grampians, (3) a very low bass sound, and (4) a metallic sounding drum loop.



re-sound has established itself as one of Australia's most progressive contemporary music ensembles. Its thought-provoking, challenging and dynamic performances explore the sounds of our time across a wide range of genres, styles, and performance contexts.

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Track Listing

  1. canal Steve Adam Thomas Reiner 7:26
  2. quintet / sextet for chamber group and CD Thomas Reiner 10:37
  3. breath stain Melanie Chilianis 5:03
  4. HybriD Steve Adam 10:53
  5. aerofoil Thomas Reiner 6:38
  6. Vectors Paul Moulatlet 5:22
  7. ephemeral densities Thomas Reiner 7:11



Thomas Reiner

Artistic Director of the ensemble re-sound, Thomas Reiner has received numerous awards for his compositions, including second prize in the International Witold Lutoslawski Composers' Competition for Two Movements for Orchestra, the Dorian Le Gallienne Award, and in 1995 the Albert H Maggs Composition Award.

Melanie Chilianis

Melanie is a flautist and composer working with electro-acoustic sound extension and conceptual mixes in performance and installation.

Paul Moulatlet

Paul Moulatlet is a Melbourne-based Australian composer whose works have been performed in England, Italy, Norway, the USA and numerous Australian events, including the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and Federation Music Week: Contemporary Music of Australia and the Asia Pacific.

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Recorded at the Move Records Studio, Melbourne Australia.

(tracks 2 and 6)

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$25.00 AUD
Total playing time
53 minutes 10 seconds
Thomas Reiner
Melanie Chilianis (track 3)
Steve Adam (tracks 1 and 4)
Thomas Reiner (tracks 5 and 7)
Vaughan McAlley (tracks 2 and 6)
Martin Wright
Move Records Studio (tracks 2 and 6)
Thanks to
Arts Faculty of Monash University
Release date
March 2005
© 2005 re-sound
℗ 2005 Move Records
Catalogue number
MD 3295
Alternate catalogue number
EAN 9314574329520