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The Bedroom of the King (La Chambre du Roi)

Intimate music from the court of Versailles and the salons of Paris performed by eminent Early Music ensemble, Elysium.

The Bedroom of the King - La Chambre du Roi, evokes the intimacy, delicacy, refinement and above all, the douceur ('softness' or 'sweetness') of French chamber music of the early 18th century, particularly in the court of Louis XIV.

The Elysium Ensemble comprising eminent Early Music practitioners: Greg Dikmans (Baroque Flute), Ruth Wilkinson (Bass Viol), Linda Kent (Harpsichord) and Lucinda Moon (Baroque Violin) present a program featuring the music of François Couperin and Jacques Hotteterre, two of the most famous musicians of their time. Both were members of the Musique de la Chambre du Roi - an elite company of musicians who performed for Louis XIV in his private apartments at Versailles. Their music is the music of elegant conversation that, with the natural charm and sensitivity of its melodies and the classical beauty of its forms, delights the intellect and moves the heart.

In keeping with performance practice of the time and to further enhance one's musical, aural and rhetorical appreciation of the music, the main work Couperin's "Huitième Concert" is broken up in several places by his "Septième Concert" and Jacques Hotteterre's "Suite in E minor" and "Deuxième suite de pièces à deux dessus".


Elysium Ensemble

The Elysium Ensemble has been acclaimed by critics for its exciting performances, fine musicianship and authoritative interpretations of music from the Baroque and Classical repertoire.

Press quotes

“The ensemble perform these with a similar poise and style and haunting loveliness.”

The New Englander

“the first detail the strikes me ... is the vitality of the performance ... The listener is kept interested by the varying of texture and timbre which is at the same still light and transparent ... dynamic playing.”

— Caroline Downer, Cinnamon Sticks

“Neither strident nor over-elaborate, the delightful compositions are played with appropriate delicacy ... and recorded with an intimate acoustic.”

— Andrew Scott, The Sunday Age

“If there's a word to sum up this CD, it is cheerfulness. The music seems to bounce along, even in the grave moments ... The performance is clean, agile and stylish.”

— Neville Olliffe, Early Music News

Audio previews

Track Listing

    Huitième concert dans le gout théâtral François Couperin

  1. Ouverture
  2. Grande ritournelle
  3. Air tendre
  4. Septième concert François Couperin

  5. Prélude
  6. Allemande
  7. Sarabande
  8. Fuguéte
  9. Gavotte
  10. Sicilienne
  11. Huitième concert François Couperin

  12. Air tendre-Rondeau
  13. Air léger
  14. Loure
  15. Suite en E si mi (E minor) Jacques Hotteterre

  16. Prélude
  17. Allemande-La Fontainebleau
  18. Sarabande-Le Depart
  19. Air-Le Fleuri
  20. Gavotte-La Mitilde
  21. Menuet-Le Beaulieu & Deuxième
  22. Rondeau-Le Lutin
  23. Huitième concert François Couperin

  24. Air
  25. Sarabande
  26. Deuxième suite de pièces à deux dessus Jacques Hotteterre

  27. Les heureux moments
  28. Allemande-La Maréchale de Villars
  29. Musette & Menuet
  30. Gigue 1
  31. Sarabande-La St. Maurice
  32. Rondeau
  33. Gigue 2
  34. Huitième concert François Couperin

  35. Air léger
  36. Air de Bacchantes



François Couperin

Couperin belonged to a family of several composers from the mid-17th to mid-19th centuries. He was organist in the chapel of Louis XIV at Versailles, and was the greatest French master of the harpsichord.

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