Phillip Houghton

Phillip Houghton's guitar music has been performed and recorded by leading musicians, including John Williams and Timothy Kain, who recently recorded his Three Duets. Some 20 of his guitar solos, published by Moonstone Music, are on the national music syllabus (AMEB) and is also represented in the new Benjamin Verdery Guitar Series for Frederick Harris Publishers.

Phillip Houghton was born in 1954 in Melbourne, Australia. Originally trained as an artist, Houghton began music studies at the age of 20, receiving advice and encouragement from the late John Champ. Phillip studied classical guitar with Sebastian Jorgensen at the artists colony Montsalvat in Eltham, Victoria where he later lived and worked.

As a guitarist Phillip toured extensively and was recorded by the ABC before deciding in 1980 to leave performance and concentrate on composition. Australian composers Helen Gifford and Peter Mumme encouraged developing his style. He has written for theatre, dance and film (including John Dingwall's feature The Custodian and Plasmo animation series by Tony Lawrence).

As a composer Phillip is self taught and his compositions reflect the influence of many styles: classical, jazz, rock, ambient and world music. His early influences include the music of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, King Crimson, Gryphon, Gong, Miles Davis, Satie, Debussy, Ravel, Riley, Crumb, and Eno, while his work continues to reflect a strong interest in art, mythology, and the environment.

Light on the Edge is the first CD dedicated entirely to a selection of Houghton's music.

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Compositions by Phillip Houghton appear on

Fluid Lines

After nearly a decade of hanging out, talking shop and drinking coffee, two of Australia's most compelling virtuoso guitarists Daniel McKay and Antony Field formed Duo 19. This duo debut album presents an eclectic program including works by Australian composers, Nigel Westlake and Phillip Houghton.



Crossing over between ragtime, tango, modern classical and folk music of various cultures, this collection of recent works for violin and guitar spans a period from Astor Piazzolla's 1986 composition Histoire du Tango to Tim Hansen's 2007 re-scoring of Earwig for Zoë and Daniel.


Light On The Edge

The landscape and atmosphere of Australia come to life in this varied collection of solo and chamber guitar works by Australian composer, Philip Houghton.



Contra Guitar Duo’s debut recording showcases its musical personality and the elements they most enjoy about playing as a duo - lyricism, complex rubato and colour.


Fairy Tales, Monsters and Wild Animals

Made for young and old, Meredith Connie's performances on this CD have enchanted audiences across two continents, evoking fantastical worlds and appealing to classical and non-classical, guitar and non-guitar based audiences.


Character Interludes

This is a fascinating and diverse program of works from the Southern hemisphere, born of the musical interests of both performers and the very nature of the flute and guitar medium. In the same way that folk songs and dances cross easily into salon and concert music in the repertoire for flute and guitar, these influences intersect comfortable with character pieces and poetic miniatures.


A Sympathetic Resonance

Peter Constant plays classical guitar music by Australian composers. With Marion Schaap (guitar), Mardi McSullea (flute) and Helen Noonan (soprano).