Christopher Young Quartet

A new collaboration with some of Christopher Young’s oldest collaborators — acoustic bassist Nick Haywood (from the Lewis and Young Ensemble) and guitarist Tom Fryer, with the addition of the great veteran drummer, Ted Vining.

Press quote

“Brood Groove is at times kooky, and surprising, and full of a yearning and a grace…there’s whimsy, and a benign articulation of folly, and the alarming consternations of life in a human skin. The dominant mood is one of celebration, even when these Brood Grooves start getting moody.

The ensemble achieves the gentlest innovations, there’s grunt when needed from the rhythm section, and the sweet and maudlin inventions of Tom Fryer delighting the listener on acoustic guitar. There’s some sublime flute playing, the band discrete, lulling, with hints of sweet disturbance. There are pleasing moments of great restraint, at other times a thrilling excess is achieved, an ecstasy revealed. Some tracks reveal what one might call an Eastern spaciousness. Perhaps this owes something to Mr Young’s studies of the shakuhachi in Japan...‘Brooding Groove’, the almost title track, is haunting, deeply felt, inquisitive and passionate. The delicacy of the ensemble becomes another testament to that compassionate revelation we call jazz.”

— Andrew Lindsay, Jazz Planet website

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The Christopher Young Quartet presents 10 new tracks by Young and members of the Quartet.

Brood Groove

"One of the most rewarding sessions I've recorded for Jazztrack. Maybe the stars aligned that day...the musicians really listening and responding to each other. It's music that surprises and explores."

Members of Christopher Young Quartet

Christopher Young

Christopher Young (soprano sax, flutes and bass clarinet) is best-known for co-leading the Lewis and Young Ensemble in the 1990s with well-known indigenous actor/musician Tom E. Lewis.

Ted Vining

Ted Vining has recorded with Alan Lee, Don Burrows, Bob Gebert, Bernie McGann, Brian Brown, Musiikki Oy, The Big One, Blow ... and The Ted Vining Trio. He has had a wealth of experience both on and off the jazz stage.

Nick Haywood

Nick has an extensive performance career with Australian and international jazz musicians. He has played with most leading Australian artists and has numerous TV and movie soundtracks to his credit.