Concordia Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble

Formed in 1978, the Concordia comprises approximately 24 members playing mandolins, mandolas, guitars, mandocello, Double bass and piano accordion.

Concordia is a dedicated plucked-strings chamber orchestra, based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Since their inception in 1978 they have given hundreds of concerts, mostly in Melbourne and regional Victoria, but also as far afield as Italy, in 1984.

Their repertoire ranges from Baroque and Classical / Romantic, to contemporary compositions and some arrangements of popular music. They often include soloists in their concert programs, including flute, accordion, clarinet, oboe, cello, guitar, and singers.

The most recent of Concordia’s five CD albums, the charming 2016 set Ringing The Strings [Move mcd557] features tracks heard on ABC Classic FM Kangarella and Midsummer Bagatelles. To learn more about Concordia, including coming concerts, please visit

Concordia Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble is featured on the following titles


Originally intended for release in 2020, both this album and the Concordia Mandolin & Guitar Ensemble were indeed eclipsed the pandemic. Now, three years late, is Concordia's sixth CD.


Ringing The Strings

Melbourne's Concordia Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra present this new recording, including music by Sculthorpe, Faure and the ensemble's own Michelle Nelson.

Performer: Ensemble


This disc from Concordia Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble draws on the more virtuosic, lively and passionate items in the repertoire of the ensemble. The idea of flight is evoked in the choice of many of the pieces, notably "The flight of the bumble bee" and "The witches". All the other pieces in one way or another echo, with their energy and vitality, the rapture of flights of fancy.


Forgotten Dreams

It was in 1999 when Concordia director Basil Hawkins first came across The waltz of forgotten dreams by Hadjidakis. He was struck by its atmospheric and evocative nature and in keeping with this nostalgic ambience, the selection on this disc includes such pieces as Eileen Pakenham's Reverie and Fred Witt's Memories of Bendigo.


Eclectic Collection

The mandolin orchestra is very versatile. The purpose of this CD is to demonstrate something of its diversity and distinctive character.


Salut d'Amour

A highly atmospheric and distinctively beautiful collection of pieces for mandolin orchestra.


Concordia Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble also appears on

Peter Sculthorpe

A retrospective compilation of some of the highlights of the music of the late Peter Sculthorpe. Many favourites are included.


After the Fire

Australian composer Michelle Nelson presents ‘After the Fire’ a stunning new CD showcasing her work. Illustrative of Australia, past and present, this music is appealing, melodic and contemporary.

Performer: Ensemble