Australian gems for violin and piano. Jewel showcases the work of some of our finest composers including Peter Sculthorpe, Margaret Sutherland, Don Banks and Vincent Plush.

Australian music that has been composed in the period encompassed by this CD displays a wide variety of styles and influences.

Our personal journey with Australian music for violin and piano began in the late 1980s at the urging of many of our composer colleagues. At that time we commenced a project of putting together some concert programmes which promoted both Australian compositions for violin and piano and ourselves as Australian performers with something a little different to say. The first fruits of this project came in 1989 when we embarked on a concert and lecture tour of the USA. Some of the repertoire we played on that tour now appears on this disc. We have had long friendships with all but one of the composers represented here (neither of us actually ever met Margaret Sutherland) and in most cases they have had some input over the years into our performances of their music.


Audio previews

Track Listing

  1. Winamin Michael Whiticker 3:34
  2. Sonata for Violin and Piano (in one movement) Don Banks 14:52
  3. Irkanda 1 for violin alone Peter Sculthorpe 10:10
  4. The Ludlow Lullabies Vincent Plush 10:30
  5. Sonata for Violin and Piano Margaret Sutherland

  6. Subdued but flowing; Allegro moderato, ma con brio 12:23
  7. Quasi improvisatione; Quasi allegretto; Adagio molto 9:21
  8. Scherzo-Finale Allegro vivace; Grave; Presto 6:20
  9. Beta Globin DNA Martin Wesley-Smith 3:40
  10. Jewel Robert Constable 11:10



Michael Whiticker

Michael Whiticker was born in Gundagai, Australia. He has enjoyed major commissions with many of Australia's most illustrious performing groups and organisations, and has won numerous awards for his outstanding compositions.

Don Banks

Donald Oscar Banks (1923-1980), composer, was born on 25 October 1923 in South Melbourne. His father, a professional jazz musician.

Peter Sculthorpe

Born in Launceston, Tasmania in 1929 and passing away in 2014, Peter Sculthorpe was one of Australia's best-known composers and a fine pianist. Recordings of Sculthorpe's orchestral works and music for strings have won a number of Australian Record Industry Awards (ARIA).

Margaret Sutherland

Margaret Sutherland (1897 – 1984) was an Australian composer, probably the best-known female composer her country has produced.

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