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Step into the world of jazz with John Sangster's album, Peaceful. This soothing and contemplative album features nine masterfully crafted tracks, each one a fusion of tenor sax, flute, guitar, keyboard, vibraphone, marimba, and other percussion instruments, creating a unique and captivating sound.

Peaceful is a testament to Sangster's skill and versatility as a jazz musician. His ability to seamlessly blend different instruments and genres is on full display, taking listeners on a captivating musical journey filled with intricate melodies and soulful improvisation.

With its smooth and relaxing jazz sounds, Peaceful is the perfect soundtrack for moments of reflection and relaxation. Allow the soothing sounds of John Sangster's jazz fusion to wash over you, transporting you to a world of peace and serenity. So sit back and let the enchanting music of Peaceful take you on a musical journey you won't soon forget.


John Sangster

John Sangster was one of the most talented Australian jazz musicians of all time, a technician and creator who embraced and understood more styles of music than any other.

Press quote

“I especially like the gentle bosses 'Willow tree and drifting', and Buddle's breathy sax on 'Peaceful and content'. The album is superbly relaxing from start to finish.”

— Mike Daly, The Age, Melbourne

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Track Listing

  1. Willow tree John Sangster
  2. Reflections for the little flute John Sangster
  3. Back water blues John Sangster
  4. Drifting John Sangster
  5. Peaceful and content John Sangster
  6. Raindrops John Sangster
  7. Buster flies John Sangster
  8. Rain-forest rag John Sangster
  9. Reed-warbler song John Sangster


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Peaceful is available as as CD. It can be purchased online through Buywell Music or the Australian Music Centre which both offer secure online ordering.

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September 2018
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