In C

Terry Riley's classic minimalist work In C receives its first electroacoustic interpretation by the Melbourne-based contemporary music ensemble.

This recording is the outcome of seven years of engagement with Terry Riley's In C. It was back in 1996 that the Australian contemporary music group re-sound gave its first performance of this classic composition of minimalist music. Since then, the group has experimented with a number of performance approaches to the work, which eventually led to the electroacoustic version that is documented on this CD.

With its innovative combination of electronica dance rhythms and beats, pre-recorded sequences, electric bass and guitar and an acoustic chamber ensemble, re-sound's engagement with In C has been a journey - not just for the musicians but also for the group's audiences.

Whether Terry Riley himself might feel that this recording stretches the limits of interpretation or whether he indeed welcomes the acquaintance with popular electronic music, he has nonetheless provided through this work an exciting and genuinely mind-expanding musical experience - an experience that this recording endeavours to prolong.



re-sound has established itself as one of Australia's most progressive contemporary music ensembles. Its thought-provoking, challenging and dynamic performances explore the sounds of our time across a wide range of genres, styles, and performance contexts.

Press quotes

“exhilirating ... unique and totally innovative.”

— Chris Copas, The Star

“slick and sassy, an In C for our times.”

— Andrew Ford, ABC 24 Hours

“extraordinary ... hypnotic”

— John Barns, 3MBS FM Libretto

“an excellent presentation of Riley's composition ... The clarity of the recording is another factor in the high standard of this performance ... with the listener held in a trance of this beautiful sound.”

— Elizabeth Scarlett, Artstreams

Audio previews

Track Listing

    In C Terry Riley

  1. Part One 10:38
  2. Part Two 4:36
  3. Part Three 3:57
  4. Part Four 1:57
  5. Part Five 8:38
  6. Part Six 1:13
  7. Part Seven 3:37
  8. Part Eight 6:47
  9. Part Nine 7:45
  10. Part Ten 5:44
  11. Part Eleven 2:07



Terry Riley

Minimalist pioneer Terry Riley was among the most revolutionary composers of the postwar era; famed for his introduction of repetition into Western music motifs, he also masterminded early experiments in tape loops and delay systems which left an indelible mark on the experimental music produced in his wake.

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Product details

List price
$25.00 AUD
Total playing time
56 minutes 59 seconds
Thomas Reiner
Steve Adam
Martin Wright
Thanks to
Monash University
Release date
October 2002
© 2002 re-sound
℗ 2002 Move Records
Catalogue number
MD 3262
Alternate catalogue number
EAN 9314574326222