Les Six

The vocal group Les Six were formed specifically to perform mediaeval and renaissance repertoire in authentic style.

Countertenor: Hartley Newnham
Tenors: Simon Biazeck, John Heuzenroeder, Tom Healey, Grantley McDonald
Bass: Jerzy Kozlowski

Les Six is featured on the following titles

Hæc Dies

Easter at Notre Dame Paris, c1220. Music for Easter Sunday mass as it may have been heard at Notre Dame in Paris at the beginning of the 13th century, including the chant propers, a complete cycle for the ordinary in two-part settings in the Leoninus style and three-part organum in the style of Perotin.

A Florentine Annunciation - The Music of the 14th Century Vol. 4

The Music of the Fourteenth Century Series presents some of the earliest and most significant polyphonic settings of the lyric poetry of the late middle ages. Music for the Feast of the Annunciation performed by Les Six.


Members of Les Six

Hartley Newnham

Countertenor Hartley Newnham is one of Australiaʼs finest singers, also known for the works written for him by composers such as Ross Edwards and Anne Boyd, as well as his own compositions.

John Heuzenroeder

Announcing the winner of the 1996 City of Melbourne Song Recital Award, the judges described John Heuzenroeder's performance as one which struck them ‘as having a most unusual sense of style – a performance you know you will long remember.’